Step 1: Moulding the 3 Inch PVC Pipe With a Heat Gun

First, you need to cut the PVC pipe to your desired length of your knee cap. Then, I used a Saw-all to cut a vertical line down the pipe. Next, heat the pipe evenly with the hot air heat gun to soften the plastic. Then, use a 3 inch putty knife to pry apart the pipe and mould the pipe into a U shape. Always wear thick leather gloves during the operation or you will burn your hands!!
<p>Your suggestions here were very helpful to me when building my suit a couple of years ago. Before watching this, I had no concept of using heat to shape pvc. That knowledge has been a game changer for me. Thanks!</p>
wow...the dath vader suit that you friend has its really really coool
<style type="text/css"><![CDATA[p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0.0in; font-size: 12.0pt; font-family: Times New Roman; } div.Section1 { page: Section1; } ]]></style><span style="font-size: 12.0pt;font-family: Times New Roman;">Great post! My son is a great fan of Star Wars Costume and he had a huge collection of Costumes. Especially he likes Boba Fett Costume (http://mystarwarscostume.com/Kids-Star-Wars-Costumes/Boba-Fett-Child-Deluxe.php); I was surprised to see your hand made Boba Fett knee armor.</span>
I'd have to say that the funniest thing that I saw on halloween was Jesus and Hitler haveing a beer.
That would be funny!<br />
I need to make a r2d2. Can you tell me how?
now we need the storm trooper costumes to reenact the clone wars.lol
we are old school from the first 3 movies
I meant from ep 2.
where did you get the other costumes?
these guys always show up at Guavaween in tampa florida for halloween. its a 200,000 people party!
That video is awesome. Did you make it with all the lasers and explosions? If so how did you do the lasers? If you could replie that would be good
A independent group of Starwars fans put the video together hoping to make a complete movie or series out of it.... Its kick a$$!
How did you make the gauntlets? Are there tutorials somewhere for it, I have looked at TDH forums but couldn't find anything with this amount of detail (that I like). Is is possible that you might create an instructable for the gauntlets? thanks! awesome build, i plan to do (after the helmet and body armor!)
The gauntlets are handmade. I used flower vases that go on tombstones bought at walmart for $2.50 each because they had the cylinder shape for gauntlets. I then used foam board from the hobby shop and a hot glue gun to build a skeleton structure on top of the vase and bolted it down with 1 inch screws drilled from the inside out. Then covered the foam board with paper mache, and paint job. It took about 2 weeks to make then and I really dont want to do that again. They were a real pain, but I was happy with the results. The only tutorial video I have is of the knee armor on DVD. Its about 1 1/2 hours long. I captured images form it to create this instructables. I dont know of any tutorials out there on gauntlets.... I looked! The best I can do is take some close-up pics of the gauntlets and post them here. Let me know if this helps....
This looks great. I gotta say, one of the better Boba Fett items out there.
Check out the finished product in step 8
YES!!! I've been waiting!!! Thanks a lot man for this, they look great as usual.
Glad I could help....
Great job!! One quick word of caution though, PVC degrades into HCl gas and other chlorides when heated. Make sure never to do this inside and never use an oven to replace the heat gun.
Thanks, I always do....
Kudos on actually getting a Boba Fett outfit together! The knee armor looks great. Speaking as a fellow Fett head, there is a TON of stuff to one of those costumes. Keep adding a few items here and there, and you'll have a great costume. BTW, you can always repaint some of it and go as a custom Mandalorian.
I used the new US Army Digital Camo pattern ASU material for the Fett jumpsuit instead of the Blue/Gray used in the movies. I wanted to give my version of Boba Fett 2050 A.D. The LED lights I used in the helmet, arm gauntlets, and blaster really set the outfit off!
Awesome job! One of the many things I still need to do for my Fett costume.....
Thanks! I am going to try and build the jetpack next. If I get stuck, I'll be referencing your Instructable.
No way man, I can't believe you made the helmet out of cardboard. I've printed out your patterns for the helmet and jet pack. I hope it turns out half as good as yours does.
dude come on, tell me you can't see the comedy there?
there are so many things I could say to this.... boba fett?, knee pads?, man if it wasn't halloween I don't think I could hold back right now. But I'll be nice. star wars fanatics really do make it so easy. but props for the craftsmanship.
Boba Fett? Where??

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