Picture of How to make your own Canvas Tote
A very simple and easy way to make your own custom canvas tote which you can design the front of after!
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Step 1:

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Start off with your basic tools scissors, pins, ruler, seam ripper, fabric crayon, and a sewing machine (which is not shown).

Step 2:

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You can make about 2 bags with 1 meter (folded).
I cut out a piece that is 33" x 31".

Step 3:

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Then fold the 33" x 31" canvas in half, it is now 16 1/2" x 15 1/2".
The fold is going to be the bottom.

Step 4:

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For the straps on the bag, cut 2 16" long straps.

Step 5:

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At the top, fold the canvas down 1" from the edge, pin it, then repeat on the other side.
Then sew about .5mm from the edge. Removing pins as you go along.
Remember to double stitch at the beginning and end.

Step 6:

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After finishing the top fold stitches, you're going to sew the sides of the bags together.
Pin the sides together.
Leave about 1mm from the edge of the fabric when sewing.

Step 7:

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On the bottom corners of your bag, you're going to pinch the corners and then sew across like shown.
Measure properly for both of the corners and pin it down to make it easier.
Sew about 3" across the corners. Repeat on the other bottom corner of the bag.
This gives your bag more of a bottom/volume.

Step 8:

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It should look like this.

Step 9:

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Take one of the straps and measure about 4" to the side, and lined up to the 1" fold of the top of the bag.
Pin the strap down and repeat on each sides. Like shown.

Step 10:

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Sew the straps down securely , by sewing around the edge of the strap, making a square, then sew from corner to corner of the square, like an X.
It should look like a box with an X in the middle, like shown.
Repeat three more times with the other straps.

Step 11:

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It should look like this, clean up any loose strings, then flip it inside out, and feel free to paint/design whatever you like on your bag.