Step 8:

It should look like this.
Great instructions. I used them to make my first ever thing using my first sewing machine.
if it starts as 33"x31" and I fold it in half- won't it be 16.5" x 31"? (or 15.5 x33). Or do I cut in half lengthwise and then fold that in half?
I think that's what you have to do, otherwise it will end up being too wide. I was a little confused to when I saw this.
Good detail and lots of pictures make this nice and easy to follow, but one tip about making your seams. <br><br>If you fold over the raw edge of the fabric a small amount, about 1/4 inch, and then fold over for your desired seam/hem and sew close to the edge, you won't have any raw fabric edges on the inside of your bag. Raw edges of fabric will wear away up to the seams as the bag is washed and used, and then you'll have to repair the seams which will be tricky with no fabric left for a seam allowance. Plus, the inside of the bag will look more professional and less homemade.
Nice tote, it would be fun to decorate with fabric paints.

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