How to make your own DIY leather bicycle grips (with waste materials)

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I have been using these leather grips for a week now and I can honestly say that they are amazing. And they look awesome as well. It's weird having strangers tell you that I shouldn't invest on my beat up bicycle, by buying expensive parts! They wouldn't believe that these grips are homemade with straight out of the bin materials! I ‘ve never had proper bicycle grips in my life. All I had was worn out bicycle grips or new very cheap ones. My DIY leather grips are my first proper very expensive looking grips. And I got them for free. Check bellow how I did it.

I've only used:

- A pair of worn out lock-on grips (if you don't have, or you can't find in your friends' garage, you can buy them off ebay for around 3$)

- an (unusable) leather belt that you don't want/like (non-slip, tough, amazing feel, beautiful looks, your hands doesn't smell rubber after the ride, doesn't leave black spots on your hands.)

- razor / knife

- A good pair of scissors

- a piece of thick fish line (incredibly resilient to the elements, most of the times you can find it for free, looks great, amazingly strong). I found mine tangled around a stick in my city's port. I guess the stray animals will thank me!

- A Dremel

- Needle-nose pliers

Step 1: Strip off the worn out rubber

Picture of Strip off the worn out rubber

Firstly, strip off the worn out rubber using the razor. Remove most of the rubber without worrying too much about it. We need some leftovers so the leather parts don’t slide around.

brucebruce5 months ago

diy is always a plus nice work .

agreen508 months ago
next time try carbon cleaner on removal. let sit for few minutes ..you'll be amazed!
pandoheas (author)  agreen508 months ago

It should not be cleaned properly because the leftovers of the rubber prevent the leather stripes from twisting around!

B4SEC4MP11 months ago

Very well done! I love it. I'm going to have to try this out.

pandoheas (author)  B4SEC4MP10 months ago

I'm glad you like it :) Please, try it and show me how it looks!

doodledoos1 year ago
I have a white mountain bike that has quite a "modern" image, and I don't think leather would really suit it and it's "image" :/ but idk
pandoheas (author)  doodledoos1 year ago

A black leather belt would fit perfectly I think ;))

Questor1 year ago

My motorcycle hand grips need replacing about every two years. I'm going to go this route, next time, and see what happens.

pandoheas (author)  Questor1 year ago

I haven't imagined that this could work on a motorcycle as well but why not! Please, try them and let me know what you think :)

doodledoos1 year ago
yay! I think it's perfect now, this is a really awesome idea, but they wouldn't suit my bike :(
pandoheas (author)  doodledoos1 year ago

Why not??

LittleDane1 year ago

Hey pandoheas

That is so cool. Great idea ;-)

pandoheas (author)  LittleDane1 year ago

Thank you little Dane! It's very easy, try it!

sniffydogs1 year ago

Very Nicely done!

pandoheas (author)  sniffydogs1 year ago

Thank you! I'm waiting for your photos :))

doodledoos1 year ago
this is really cool, but it needs proof reading because I've spotted numerous places where words that sound the same but mean different things to what would be correct have been used eg "wee" instead of "we", "those" instead of "these" etc etc
pandoheas (author)  doodledoos1 year ago

Thanks for your comment. I fixed some of the errors. I think it's better now.

It reads quite well now. Check "bellow". It should be "below".

pandoheas (author)  iamunique1271 year ago


vardamanj1 year ago

Great Job on the instructible !!

A tip: If the leather slips, trim it with a small gap (like you stated before), then wet the leather. tie it on securely and when the leather dries it will shrink, making it even tighter.

pandoheas (author)  vardamanj1 year ago

Thanks for your tip! The great thing is that the rubbery leftovers along with the tight fish line make them really secure! I've been using them for almost 2 weeks now and they haven't moved a notch (actually is difficult to move even if you want them to)!

Great Instructible. I love the finished product. I've been looking at ideas for my motorcycle handlebars. These would work perfectly. Thanks.

PS I still hate my old belt though.

pandoheas (author)  iamunique1271 year ago

Thanks man! They look very class, you will love them I'm sure! Although I don't know much about motorcycle grips, but I hope the same principles could be applied there as well

doodledoos1 year ago
yay! :) there is still a "those" where there should be a "these" in the first sentence though, sorry I'm a bit of a pedant :& :)
pandoheas (author)  doodledoos1 year ago

hehe, thanks for your corrections! I do appreciate them!

These look so lovely, I bet they're really comfy too. Thanks for sharing!

pandoheas (author)  MsSweetSatisfaction1 year ago

Thank you :) yes, they are very comfy and non-slip! And your hands don't smell rubber after a ride!