Introduction: How to Make Your Own DIY Macro Lens With a Magnifying Glass

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This macro lens is perfect when you are travelling and cannot pack a proper macro lens, or you need magnification in our photos.

Just get either a circular magnifying glass, or you can just rip off the handle of a normal glass. Then you make it fit on your lens hood, and you are good to go! The more zoom you have on your lens (like a telephoto lens), the more magnification you will get!

Let me know if you have questions :)


Shrimp24 (author)2015-07-02

That would have never occurred to me. Thanks!

RandomHacker (author)Shrimp242015-07-03

I came up with this in a trip. I saw some gorgeous butterflies but I only had my telephoto lens, and I needed to get closer. So I just ran into a store to see if I could figure something out... then, when I came back, I found out that plenty of people have done it before me, so I am not as wise as I thought at first...
I hope you enjoy it!

Vyger (author)2015-07-02

While using a magnifying glass does work, and I have one in my camera bag, you can also get special filters. They are magnifying filters that screw to the front of the lens. You usually get them in a pack of 3 with each one being a stronger magnification. You can stack all 3 together or use just one. They are much cheaper than getting a special lens.

If you go to my instructable

and look at the first image of the cat's eye, in the right side of the eye you can see the reflection of my camera with my magnifying lens. If you click on it and download the original image size, which is a very large picture, you can see it much better. Many of the pictures in that instructable were taken with a magnifying lens.

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