Step 4: Cutting the ball

Picture of Cutting the ball
Use your screw driver to disassemble the ball. Trace the paper mouth on to the plastic. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should give you the general idea. Now use masking tape to trace the drawn line. The masking tape will ensure you a straight line. Put on you safety glasses and use the Dremel to make the hole for your head bigger (make sure you don't cut too much or you'll cut into the part that holds the bottom of the mouth). Once your head will fit through the hole, begin cutting out the mouth. Take your top half and widen the slots where you ears will go (the felt will make the birch baltic wood ears thicker). smooth out any rough spurs with sand paper. Once the mouth is cleanly cut, reinforce the other panel and mouth area with duct tape. When satisfied, reassemble the ball. Take the eyes and ears and check if everything fits perfect before moving on.
dmunoz83 years ago
any idea where i can find a 14" globe?
Darthscout3 years ago
4 dremal 1 inch blades later.....
cschmidt63 years ago
do we NEED a 13 inch? or can i use a 12.5 INCH hamster ball?

if its only .5 inches less than it shud be fine, but make sure to be careful when cutting the head hole with the dremil, like he said
DJDEADMAU44 years ago
i messed up on that step like 2 seconds ago and only one piece fell out so thanks for the hot glue gun tip =)
Tor5254 years ago
I had some troubleshooting with this step, as i'm sure a lot of you did too. The directions do not specify whether to cut the base of the ball to fit your head in any shape, so I cut evenly around the entire base, which wasn't a good idea. MAKE SURE YOU CUT THE MAJORITY OF THE PLASTIC OUT OF THE BACK so that when you are cutting out your mouth the pieces below the mouth don't fall out. If you realize you cut too much; duct tape them on temporarily and hot glue in the cracks of the ball. That helped stabilize it, and kept it from falling apart.
dj serf4 years ago
So its flimsy, but it works, and You can also use a soldering gun or whatever the name of the soldering thing is to cut it, just let it heat up and melt your way through your lines.
Leander1.04 years ago
You can use a hack saw right
dj serf4 years ago
Okay so I taped where the mouth goes, and hopefully it holds :(
I just made the same mistake. Just tape a strong hold, it may be a little flimbsy but it should hold and be OK...i hope so.
dj serf4 years ago
I accidently cut to much for my head hole, and now the part that holds the neck is loose, any tips to get around this?
how wide is the mouth and how at the bottom of the mouth how many inches should be left is it 1?
Ecloopse4 years ago
how the hell did your head fit inside that?
Aureus Ecloopse4 years ago
Also be sure to cut the back of the head to make it bigger instead of the front, otherwise the bottom of the mouth will fall off. (If you use the hamster ball thing)
Aureus Ecloopse4 years ago
Cut the bottom to fit your head.
BulletRide4 years ago
How hard is the Ball to cut? I dont have a dremel so Im wondering what else I could use to cut it for cheap, any suggestions?
Try using a globe. You can pick them up for about $15's a peice and they are easy to cut.
I used scissors to cut it. it hurts your hand, but you save money.
i am going crazy on this step how do u cut this thing with this soft dremel it can barely cut and it is only making scratches on this thing
jaymoh20104 years ago
quick question, whats the best way to trim to get your head to fit? bc i know i have a larger head, i have a 13in like instructions say, so any suggestions, i cant really tell from the photos, just keep triming till you can fit it in?
Idk how to cut it
jackblack085 years ago
cut tha plastic