Picture of How to make your own Drumming Bot!!
This robot was inspired by a robot that was granted tons of attention, called the Yellow Drum Machine, I will link to it later when I can find it. This robot uses tank treads to roam around, it uses its ultrasonic sonar to find impediments, It will determine the hardness/softness/echo of an object with sonar. Once it finds an object worth playing on, it will snake into place, then, using motorized drumsticks, make a short 20-60 sec. beat. Using an external recording/playback module, it will record 20sec of the beat, and play it back in sync with the continuously playing beat (with the robot still playing). Upon completion of this minute long jam session, it will roam away, and attempt to find another, in an endless loop. Very fun to watch/listen!
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Step 1: Materials:

1 Gear Motor and Tread Package-$39.99 BuyBuy

4 GM10 Geared Pager Motor- $39.00 Buy

2 L293D Motor Driver Chips- $8.00 Buy

1 9V Recording Module- $10.79 Buy

1 Dual General-Purpose IC PC Board Buy

1 16-Pin Retention Contact Buy

1 28 Pin Project Board Picaxe 28x1 Buy

1 SRF05 Ultrasonic Range Finder Buy

A Bunch of 2-3mm White Sintra, or any other Building material you prefer Buy

1 SRF05 Housing Bracket Buy

A Bunch of AA Batteries

A Big Speaker

Some hollow aluminum tubing

A Bunch of 2.54mm Header Pins

Many Many Many Jumper Wires, both F/M and F/F

Step 2: Tools

Soldering Iron
Mini Philips Screwdriver
Mini Flathead Screwdriver
Wire Cutter/Stripper

Step 3: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials

Step 4: Connect all the treads

Picture of Connect all the treads
Self explanatory, assemble the tracks, and screw in the wheels into your geared motor that came with it. On the other end of the treads, hot glue on one of the aluminum tubing so that it spins freely, just like the picture.

Step 5: Motors

Solder one wire to each of the slabs on the motors (two for each). The previous picture should do the justice for this too.

Step 6: Motor Driving

Plug in the L293D into the project board, and solder on the four wires from the motors to the A-B terminals. Now write the code in your programmer:

high 4

low 5

press F5

Switch the two numbers around until both wheels turn forwards

Step 7: Motor Driving #2

Picture of Motor Driving #2
Get your IC Board and 16pin DIP, solder on the DIP into the middle of the IC board like this:

Hmm. Interesting. Your hook up is completely different than the original YDM.

eyesee5 years ago
Very good
Kaiven6 years ago
That is neat!