Today I`m gonna show you how to make your very own Fallout 3 Power Armor helmet prop!
If you follow theese steps you should have a very nice looking prop!

Step 1: Materials

Ok, theese are the materials and programs you need:

- Pepakura Designer 3: www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/
- Helmet.pdo: http://www.4shared.com/file/VaaygDPp/Power_Armour_Helmet__A4_.html
-Thick paper (Can be buyed at any Hardware store) 
- Fiberglass resin (Can be buyed at any marine shop) 
- Fiberglass mat (Can also be buyed at any marine shop)
- Bondo Body Filler (Can be buyed at any Hardware store)
- Dremel Multitool
- Spray paint (Can be buyed at any Hardware store)
- Gloves (Can be buyed at any Hardware store)
- Safety gasmask (Can be buyed at any Hardware store)

Hey uh this is probably a really stupid question but can you use this as a costume ?
Would g this be good for a first time project?
<p>Got it for Letter size, hard to find a4 stock thats not super expensive where i live.</p>
<p>i have a mac, and i cant use pepacura, can you make a image link to all of the parts?</p>
<p>here it is. it is a pdf</p>
<p>here it is. it is a pdf</p>
<p>here it is. it is a pdf</p>
Hey can I use something else thab bondo, because I can't get in Denmark? Btw great build!
<p>wood filler. or car filler. </p>
<p>Nice work ! I love how you crafted it. </p>
How much of the bondo body filler and fiberglass resin/mat would you need? Idk if u can still answer but i love it! Thanks
<p>what thickness of paper???</p>
<p>I am still unsure about the scale. What values should I input please? I am 5feet 4 (or 163cm. Please help me! Thanks! =D</p>
<p>would the same steps apply to making a fallout New Vegas NCR Ranger helmet </p>
When I'm on the files to download, which one is it, there is about 3 of them???
Suggestion? Take your time on the bondo process, make sure everything is nice and smooth before you even think about going on to the next step. Several LONG hours and some patience could make you a museum worthy piece, if you do it right.<br/><br/>I've been doing pepakura and modeling for a few years now. It took me a while to figure out the process and how much of what I need, where I needed it. Everything on these pepakura projects takes a butt load of time, if you don't have time, don't start one. <br/><br/>I think you still did an excellent job! Very nice! :)<br/><br/>(Ill be putting my Custom Mandolorian Helmet up in a few months once it's all done btw!)
Hey everyone! =) The broken link is now fixed! =D I will respond faster next time! =) Best Regards Michael
hey can you give me a link to how to make that helmet please.
And are the eyes open or did you put some kind of plastic on them? &nbsp;Would it work to put plastic or goggle lenses or something on the eyes?
&nbsp;Would they fog up if you did?
I'm not sure if they would fog up, me and my dad are putting one together, and we might just use Sunglass lenses. I'm concerned about the mouth though, there's a pattern in there but it's not in the Pepakura pile. <br>
Amazing. I'll have to remember to use this to make something for Youmacon next year (Since I forgot this year :P)
dude thats the best master chief costume ive ever seen thats sick
umm dude that isn't a master chief helmet it is from fallout three.
Im about 99 percent sure that they were talking about the video<br>
Can't tell if trolling...<br>
T-51B Armor if I am correct? Yes?
No, its t-45d :)
Buyed??? You mean &quot;Bought&quot;?<br>
<p>This step seems a little vague.&nbsp; Am&nbsp;I just laying the fibreglass cloth on top of the resin, or is it supposed to set in at all?&nbsp; Do I need to cover the entire thing with fibreglass, or just enough to support the Bondo used in the next step?</p> <p>Is there a certain window of time I need to be in since the resin step?</p> <p>Thanks!</p>
Hello<br /> First you need to cover the whole helmet with just the resin&nbsp;ca. three times (Add layers untill it is more solid). Then when the resin have dryed you can start to add the fiberglass mats on the inside of the helmet, ONLY ON THE INSIDE! or else you ruin the details on the helmet. Just soak small pieces of the mat and push it into place with a brush, and make sure it stayes... Do this on the whole insite of the helmet and youre done (With that step) :) <br /> Good Luck!<br /> <br /> Best Regards Michael
Sorry Im really new to all this stuff. This will be my first project in this regard, but anyways. So do I only use the fiber glass cloth on the inside and I would just leave the resin itself on the outside? Then I put the Bondo on the outside after the resin dries? And by &quot;soak&quot; do you mean soak the fiber glass cloth in water and then stick it inside the helmet after the fiber glass dries? I apologize again for botherin ya.
I'm about 3/4 through the power helmet paper assembly and wanted to mention instead of using hot glue, I use water based contact cement (Lepages). It dries very quickly (seconds!), doesn't smell and is super easy to clean up. Once dry, it's a lot like latex.<br><br>Brotherhood of Steel is the inspiration for the graffiti on our favorite project RV:<br><br>http://www.whompbus.com/gallery.php?spgf=080210<br><br>I love Fallout 3 and really appreciate you posting this tutorial! Pepakura is amazing and cannot wait to start on the armor and many other projects.<br><br><br>Thank you from the whompbus crew!
i looked at this holding my newest prop:RAD-X
cool!<br> you from norway??
Wow this is truly amazing, im working on mine right now but the quality is not what i want... im hoping that maybe i could get some putty or sculpting clay to smooth out and cover up the MANY rough edges and hot-glue spots. I'm almost considering restarting but with all the time and effort Ive put in so far it'll kill me to do it all over again. Mines also slightly angled oddly :-/
this may seem a little bit stupid, but just to make sure, WHEN YOU PUT THE MATT IN AND YOU ARE WAITING FOR IT TO DRY DONT FLIP IT RIGHT SIDE UP. it all fell out the bottom of the helmet.
can i use some sun glases or something like that for the ejes???<br>
Hey the Brotherhood of steel is awesome. My first helmet I made I used a Darth Vader helmet but now you inspired me to make a better real one. Thanks <br>Paladin long signing off
hey upload instructions for the helmet
amazing job!! my first one is a odst....or odst head and other spartan program parts
You should make an instructable out of it.
i might but theres just soo many out there, im sticken to youtube vids but ill post umm in instructables
Cool work my friend.
great stuff, I've made more than a few fiberglassed helmets and know how much &quot;fun&quot; resin can be. well done
hi, i am going to follow and adapt your helmet to build both an Enclave helmet and a Hellfire helmet thanks for the guidance
yea, and file is deleted
I am sorry about that, and i will try to fix it as soon as possible =) Best regards Michael =)
yay! thanks