Step 9:

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Now take the empty bulb and put the LED disc inside. The space should be enough if you maintained a low profile when soldering.
It should fit perfectly. Push the LEDs until the disc touches the inner reflector. Hold it still and get the compound glue now.

I used some bicomponent glue but any glue with increased consistency should do.
Just make sure it's strong enough since it will be the only thing that holds the bulb in one piece. Fill the space around the legs coming out of the bulb with as much glue it will take.

Wait until the glue hardens. In my case it took 10 min. and I held the LEDs pressed in the whole time. After it hardened, use a permanent marker to write on the base the + and - legs as well as the voltage it will use.

If you saved the glass you could possibly stick it back on?
claudiopolis (author)  Callum Snowden6 years ago
Sure, provided you don't use too many leds. The only thing you must take care is not to come out with the leds too much as the glass won't fit in anymore. The more leds you use, the bigger the supporting circle hence the closer the the bulb's outer rim.