For secret Santa this year, team sugru all made each other presents that used sugru - this little Santa LEGO man was made by Ben and instantly became one of our favourites.

So we thought we'd show you how to make one yourself, ready to hang on the christmas tree.

Step 1: Create Santa's Coat

- If you have a red lego body then lucky you! Go to the next step!

- We used a red paint pen to create Santa's famous red coat. Two coats should do it. (A permanent marker should work fine too).

* TOP TIP - click Santa onto a separate LEGO brick. It makes it stable and much easier to handle.
wow, not only is this absolutely adorable, but the instructions are extremely well written and clearly illustrated. thanks!
So cute! I love it!

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Bio: The team behind Sugru, the mouldable glue that makes fixing and making easy and fun. Do-ers of the world it's time to get excited ...
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