Step 4: Assembling the Pulse Magnetizer

Picture of Assembling the Pulse Magnetizer
I stick the coil with hot glue on the back of the front panel, and the capacitor on the bottom of the case.
I drill a hole through the top of the case and stick a piece of blue transparent plastic to see the light.
I stick a piece of plastic on a side of inner space from the coil because when you push the button of the switch, the magnet or the thing you use will be throw out, depends of the size of the thing. If you are touching the thing while you push the button, you will feel the pulse passing through the thing. Stick it as good as you can, because little things like nails can detach your plastic.
I stick the DPST switch and the PC power supply jack of their panel putting hot glue among them.
I drill a hole through the top of the case for the push button switch. 
I stick of the bottom of the case four pieces of rubber which can be found on the bottom of a keyboard to increase the stability of my device.
..I like that man ..congratulations..bright ideas are always simple..