Step 5: How it works

Picture of How it works
The diode D1 rectifies mains voltage and charge the capacitor via the lamp (which limit the current).
The lamp glows during the capacitor's charging. The light is diminishing as the capacitor is charging. When the capacitor is charged,  the lamp is off. 
After few seconds the capacitor is charged and the light goes off.
By pushing the S2 button, a pulse of high current (aprox 50 A) passes through the coil magnetizing the object placed inside the coil.
This process can be repeated.
The magnetizer is simple, effective, made from salvanged parts.
To understand better how it works look at the first two images, watch the video below and then view the other images.
Any chance you can make a demagnetizer? I have this huge magnet that magnetizes anything it touches. Not very much, but enough to cling to things and get annoying.
andreyeurope (author)  AlbinoMoose3082 years ago
Maybe I'll make one just for you. You could demagnetize almost every magnet heating it.