Make Two Balls of Fimo Clay





Introduction: Make Two Balls of Fimo Clay

Make two balls of fimo clay

Step 1: Make Two Little Balls

make two little balls

Step 2: Gently Make the Balls Flat

gently make the balls flat

Step 3: Cutting Out a Corner

cutting out a corner

Step 4: Make an Eye

make an eye

Step 5: Make a Hole and Bake in the Oven for 30 Min 266 Degrees Fahrenheit

make a hole and bake in the oven for 30 min 266 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 6: Grab a Pair of Earrings

grab a pair of earrings

Step 7: And Make the Pacman to the Earring Set

and make the pacman to the earring set



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    where can you get fimo clay from?

    I love this! Thanks for sharing your hard work!

    what's happened to the title?
    Ik denk niet dat er hoort te staan: Make two balls of fimo clay

    our daughter is very happy with these earrings, the teachers and the kids at school find these earrings olso very cool ;)

    I love the earrings you used! Like he's eating those little white balls in the game! Very cute.

    1 reply

    that is exactly why I have chosen those earrings ;)