Introduction: How to Make Your Own Phone Stand for Huawei (or Others)

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I recently got a new phone wich is a pretty uncommon and unknown phone. This is the Huawei ascend G6 smartphone. I wanted to have a nice desktop charging stand for it but i couldn't find any nice ones on the internet. So I decided to make my own stand using my 3d printer.

Step 1: Designing Your Stand in CAD

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I used Autodesk Inventor as a CAD-programm because I'm using it a lot for school so for me its free (student license) and quite easy to use.

I wanted the stand to be as simple and smooth as possible without any extra useless design features. I started by measuring all the dimesions of my phone and the cable is wanted to use. Then i started designing the stand by creating the outlines of the stand and later cutting away the part where my phone had to go. After that i cut out the part for the cable and designed it in such a way that the cable would fit quite tight into the stand so it wouldn't move after it is placed inside the stand.

The inventor file is included and can be adjusted by anyone interested to make his own stand. You can just edit the dimensions of the stand according to the dimensions of your phone and cable. If you're done designing you just simply save it as an .XTL file so you can print it on a 3D printer.

Step 2: Printing the File

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This is my own 3d printer. It is a very cheap kit printer called the "QUBD one-up". It is fine for prnting small stuff but i had to improve it a lot to get the quality right.

All you have to do is get the .STL file you created in inventor or get the .STL file included if you have the same phone. Then just print the file!

Step 3: The Endresult

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This is what the stand finally looks like after printing and a little bit of touching up.

As you can see the cable fits in realy nice and the phone slides in and connects right away.

Have fun designing your own stand!


MohammadJavadM (author)2016-01-24

Hi .the design is nicely done. may I have the design .SLDPRT file for customization ?!!! PLEASE

TOODDZILLA (author)2015-04-11

I have my own oneup and I am having trouble with getting it to work. Could you help me?

ajdejong (author)TOODDZILLA2015-04-12


no problem. Ask wathever you need to know!

I wanted to point out there is a very usefull youtube channel. This guy owns a Two-up printer (which is basicly the same) and has a lot of usefull videos on how to get started.

But if you have any questions about the QUBD one-up, just ask!

TOODDZILLA (author)ajdejong2015-12-01

Hello again, Sorry for not replying but I had gotten it fixed. But now it has broken again. The filament was getting too hot inside of the extruder carriage and bends in such a way that makes it impossible to extrude because it creates a lip to hold onto the beginning of the extruder. That is one problem but I also just want to know what mods have you done to yours? I still have the stock one-up with the pulley mod, are there any almost essential or very recommended mods?

tjdux (author)2015-05-01

Great ible I love the super clean look. You wrote that you had to make a lot of improvements on your qubd printer. what are they

seamster (author)2015-04-04

Excellent work! I love seeing unique custom solutions like this. Man, I need a 3D printer! :)

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