Step 15: Why are Vincent Van Gogh's paintings so popular and loved by millions today?

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I think I'll let Barbara Uleland have the last word:

Well, Van Gogh was one of the great painters.

During his life, he made only 109 dollars in all on his paintings. They are now worth two million dollars...

....And see, a few words he has written in his letters, these many years after his death, have changed my whole life!

By painting the sky, Van Gogh was really able to see it and adore it better than if he had just looked at it. In the same way (as I would tell my class), you will never know what your husband looks like unless you try to draw him and you will never understand him unless you try to write his story.

To show the creative impulse of Van Gogh, a great genius, was simply loving what he saw and then wanting to share it with others, not for the purpose of showing off, but out of generosity."

Van Gogh said: "My only anxiety is what I can do.. In a picture i wish to say something that would console as music does".

"We take beautiful walks together. it is very beautiful here, if one only has an open and simple eye without any beams in it. But if one has that it is beautiful everywhere".

"Painters understand nature and love her and teach us to see her." - Barbara Uleland (If You Want To Write Anything, 1938)
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