Step 1: What stuffs you need

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This is the materials list you will need to make your keychain:

- 01 large flat carabiner;
- 01 large key ring;
- 01 medium key ring;
- 03 opened iron rings;
- 01 standard carabiner;
- 01 meter (3.28 feet) chain.

You also need a plier to open and close the iron rings, but if you are so strong to do it with your hands, forget the pliers!

A NOTE FOR THE FLAT CARABINER: The flat carabiner is also called "table style" carabiner here in Brazil. I don't know how it is called outside here, but I include a pic of it here. Also, this model was choosed only because it is similar to the original model and anyone of your choice will work fine!
Great 'ibles! Just a tip for your english, stuffs is not a word, you might want to say what things you need, or materials. i love your altoids usb drive!
cesarscavone (author)  mynameischeese6 years ago
HAHAHAHAH!!! Thank you very much for your correction! I every time thing that "stuff" is a regular word, because I have seen it in some movies... One of that is Jim Carey living a lier father and his son receive some baseball equipments and he said "BASEBALL STUFFS!!!" Altoids drive is a lucky instructable... Here in Brazil Altoids are very rare and expensive (think about USD 10 each tin). Some day I was join some old "things" (I think in use "stuffs") and I saw myself with some USB drives and an Altoid tin... So, I use my agressive feelings to see how a USB drive looks inside and start to open one by one. And I need to confess you that I hate those white Kingston drives. As I cannot assemble they again, I use the Altoids tin to make a new case for all. I use the mine until today and it makes success whenever I show it. Lets keep chat together, ok? Cheers!
Wow 10$ a piece!? What is Brazilian money called? It was really hard for me to disassemble my drives too. What kind of food is Brazilian?
cesarscavone (author)  mynameischeese6 years ago
Yes... here in Brazil an Altoids tin is about US$ 10 per tin. Our money is called Real (R$) and using international notation is BRL. I never can disassemble a flash drive (here called pendrive) without damage the case. Here in Brazil our food is not so easy to define.

The base of food may differ place to place. Here in São Paulo, our base food is rice, beans, French fries, eggs and beef. This is the very basic food you can find in any restaurant in each corner.

Yet, "pasta" based food (spaghetti and Italian food) is very common here.

Different of USA, our Breakfast is not based in ham or bacon with eggs, or other heavy foods (we see this in movies, do not take me bad!). Here we take breakfast with bread with butter, fruits and milk with coffee or chocolate.

In lunch we have our main food time. Is in lunch we eat that rice, beans, eggs and beefs.

In dinner we repeat that dose or a simple sandwich of cheese, tomatoes and ham is OK, with juice or Coke.

Is rare we have supper, but if we do, we eat a few, like a soup or a sweet pie.

And coffee each 15 minutes! hahahaha! Here the coffee is cheap (about USD 1.50 each 500gm)and we drink coffee many many times a day. In business, we have fresh hot coffee each half hour. After food, a small cup is an obligation. After work another one is good too and in home other many cups... But youngs doesn't drink coffee so many. Only adults drink coffee as I tell (I'm 34).

We have some tipical foods too, like we call "feijoada", that is black beans with pieces of pig (good ones have just noble parts), but "complete ones" have all parts! ALL I mean nose, necks, knees, tail, ears and feet. I HATE COMPLETE FEIJOADA!!!! :p

But you must prove good ones. Look how it looks good here http://retratoserelatos.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/casa-da-feijoada.jpg .

This food is historical because here in Brazil the afro slaves brings it to our culture and Brazil have many afro culture imported to our standards.

But please don't think that Brazil is a place that have lions and tigers walking on the streets, and monkeys on the trees like I heard when I was in Italy.

São Paulo is the fourth largest city of the world, and a city with status of first world in life quality. We have a large pole of technology and many top quality high tech of the world is here.

I'm not telling this with that bad "proud", but its true.

But we have a great misquality: out patriotic feelings are as much 1% of Americans. If our people are proud of be Brazilian as USA people to be Americans, we sure live in a better place. My humble opinion.