Picture of How to make your own battery backup
Here is a easy way to build your own battery backup to power your computer tv or whatever
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Step 1: The parts

Picture of The parts
You will need

1 12V car battery or 2 6V car batterys

a car battery charger

a 400 Watt power inverter

some wire

and depending on your battery bolts

Step 2: The assembley

Picture of The assembley
if your battery has posts replace the bolts with posts

Screw the bolts to the battery and put the battery charger clamps on them

Then wrap the wires from the inverter on the bolts (be sure to check the polarity on all conections before turning anything on) plug the charger in and let it charge the battery

Then when the power goes out plug your stuff into the inverter and you can get several hours of use.
shama naz4 years ago
Hycro5 years ago
Note for next time you post pictures or an instructable: Rotate pictures so they're all right side up. Although, it gets more people's attention when they're not :)
Hycro5 years ago
I don't know about your home owner's insurance, but ours is null and voided if we were to have any kind of automotive battery inside the house.
jinrowolf5 years ago
good idea.i used a 2000w power inverter and an 18v truck battery.
bwpatton15 years ago
Cool instructable but instead of a car battery use a Deep Cycle Marine battery, these are meant to be deep cycled where as a car battery is meant to be used only for a few seconds to start the car, and they arent under a constant load. A car battery will work but it will wear out faster
kmpres5 years ago
Data loss could occur if your PC disconnects from the battery accidentally just as it would if it suffered a blackout while connected to house current.  Make sure the clips make good contact, or better, use screw-on battery terminals available for a few dollars at auto supply stores.  At best, this is a good emergency or campground setup.  
Also, any good photo viewer, even the free ones, will allow you to rotate and save your pictures before downloading them. 
newtylerjh (author)  kmpres5 years ago
its not just for your computer that was more of an example
If you are going to use a car battery, and lay it on its side, make sure the battery is designed to work in a position other than upright (vertical). Many car batteries are designed to only in an upright position and not work properly or worse, may leak battery acid.
newtylerjh (author)  plasticbiker5 years ago
this battery is different its sitting upright the connections are on the side the wires to the car are bolted onto the battery