How-to Make Your Own Catapult From Recycling in 4 Easy Steps.





Introduction: How-to Make Your Own Catapult From Recycling in 4 Easy Steps.


You can buy your own catapult at your local Walmart for around $10.00 USD but it is more fun to build it yourself. I built mine for free since all the components I used are from recycling materials...

Step 1: What You Will Need

For the slingshot, try to get a V shape branch from a tree like depicted on the picture. You'll also need to large and robust rubber bands and four smaller ones. Finally I use a 1ft vinyl baseboard piece for the sling but you can use what you have such as an old leather strip from a shoe, belt etc.

Step 2: Sling Preparation

Cut the two large rubber bands and cut the vinyl base into the shape depicted on the picture.

Step 3: Sling Assembly

Take one large rubber band and bind it very tightly to one side of the vinyl sling using one smaller rubber band. Repeat the operation for the other side.

Step 4: Attach the Sling to the Slingshot

Once the sling is together, attached it using the same technique as the previous step to the slingshot using the two remaining rubber bands. And you're done !



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    Where do we get the wood in HK

    How far does the slingshot go?

    To all the people saying it's a SLING SHOT, IT'S NOT!!!!

    A sling shot is a thing you use to SLING stuff. It's a piece of leather held on 4 corners/2 sides by string/sinew and used to SLING rocks by spinning it around like a lasso and releasing the rock, thus it is called a SLING SHOT. This is a CATAPULT, because it CATAPULTs things, it doen't SLING them! Get it!?

    I have been trying to find a video on sling-shots but I can't find it past all the people who can't understand this simple concept.

    3 replies

    Actually, It is a slingshot. What you're referring to is a sling. A slingshot uses vulcanized rubber to propel an object. Depending on where you are from, it is called a slingshot or a catapult. If you want to find some videos, try searching for slings, not slingshots.

    yeah you need science first of all a elastic stores energy just like the leather that twists the energy both of them store energy then release it like a spring same with the elastic  
    from torque,torsion,compression and elasticity
    for more info go to these links please give equal credit to the links and follow there disclaimers,terms of use and policys,laws and regulations of your area

    i have never seen anything as interesting and as constructive as a catapult.

    i had one of those jaru toy sling shots when i was a kid , my mom burnt it because my sister shot her self in the face with it


    lol, I thought it was a catapult catapult. It was actually a slingshot. I understand that other cultures use the words "catapult" and "slingshot" interchangeably (correct me if I'm wrong). Just put something up there that it's a slingshot so that people won't get confused between "slingshot" and "catapult".

    Otherwise, better than my last attempt!

    *cough* slingshot *cough*

    otherwise very nice.

    oh ok then! well, technically a slingshot is a type of catapult although not a pure bred catapult it still is

    hate to get you wrong there, but mikaelthemycologist (did i spell that right? :D) is right... haha funny i used to think that "planes" were small private cessnas and sailplanes, and "airplanes" were the big airliners. I corrected my teacher that way one time in first grade. Now i look back... :P epic fail :D

    you start the chain from the leather strap. stick one (or 2 or 3, for a thicker chain) through the hole on the strap, "fold it in half, and stick another one (2,3...) through the loops that the two folded ends make etc. when the chain is long enough attach it to the stick with another rubber band.

    Here's a photo of a "real" slingshot (UK:"Catapult"). This bad boy is capable of hurling a waterballoon a quarter of a US mile and can be found on the Internet. Or you can make your own using surgical rubber tubing and a nylon pouch. Mine takes three people to operate: two strong young men to hold the ends and me to pull back the pouch and launch paint balloons.