Step 4: Step 4: Folding the pod

Picture of Step 4: Folding the pod
This is the trickiest part, but I promise it's easier than it sounds at first.

Take an edge of the coffee filter and fold it just to the opposite edge of the pod holder, leaving just the tiniest gap (you can barely see a line of coffee in the picture). From there, grab the corner you just created on the right and fold it inward until the outer edge of the filter has a slight gap. Continue taking the far right corner and folding it inward all the way around until you have no more of the filter hanging off the outside. At this point, you should be left with a little sail on top of the pod.

Take the measuring cup one last time, place it on top of the pod with the folds, and press down (don't be afraid to use some pressure). This will help to seal all the folds as well as compact the coffee within the pod to create a more perfect fit for the coffee maker.

Now, you will still have a little fold left on top. You can choose to leave it be, like I did (it doesn't affect the performance of the machine just to leave it there), or you can tuck it under the folds, or you can trim it down if you like. If you choose the latter option, be very careful so as not to cut too much or pierce the rest of the filter, or you will end up with a big mess!

After this, you can simply turn the cup over in your hand and pick it up to remove the pod.