Step 1:

First you take a 60 watt lightbulb and turn it on to heat it up, hot enough to melt crayons.

Step 2:
Next you take the paper off of the crayons that you would like to melt and place on a plate and put the plate on top of the lightbulb to melt

Step 3:
Then take the mold(s) that you would like to pour your melted crayons into the mold through a funnel and let dry in the shape that you want it to be in.

Step 4:
Finilly  when dried turn over the tray and hit the back hard enough so that your mold will come out.

Step 5:
After everything is done use the crayon to draw any thing you want to.

Enjoy your crayons or crayon molds! :)

I hope you realize the bulb in which you've shown won't melt crayons.
yes it doesi promise i have done this project millionsof times <br>u should see our actuall product. <br>
<p>I have never seen a 60W screw-in fluorescent, only 60W *equivalent* (13W actual). </p><p>I frequently use a desktop electric coffee cup warmer to melt wax.</p>
<p>(step 3 &quot;let dry&quot;) Wax does not dry, it freezes once it drops to 110-180&deg;F (depending on type).</p>
Coooool i like the idea!!!!!! :) teehee (youtube)

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