So you're headed back to school and you're keen to cart around your beloved stationary in style.

But most of the time you can't find a pencil case which is particularly 'you' and if you do, the pencil case has other plans than holding your pencils, "stuff this for a joke" it says as it falls apart and loses your pencils and spills your scissors onto your teachers' feet... shame.

Fear not for this instructable will give you the knowledge and tools to create a completely personal and nearly indestructible pencil case. Better yet the process of making the pencil case has been altered to be as teenager friendly as possible, avoiding your weaknesses and taking advantage of your strengths, such as angsty teen rage.

In short, enjoy and create!

Step 1: Materials

Base materials

- Paper bag (see step 2)
- Plastic press lock bag (could be a zip one but that'll require some ingenuity on your part)
- Lots and lots and lots of tape
- Glue
- Scissors

Optional (the creative bits)

- different types of tape
- Wrapping papers
- Materials (denim etc.)
- Pretty things and other adornments (even newspaper)
- and of course ribbon, lots of ribbon

The optional materials simply depend on how your want the case to look, want it flowery? get some flowery wrapping paper, want an adorable handle, etc.

If you are a boy you could get your hands on some pop art of half naked women, its not porn its art, remember that line, it works for everything. You could go for an industrial look, so find some material tape or aluminum foil and go nuts.
this is the UGLIEST pencil case ever!! dont take it personally... its creative alright but i totally doubt a teen would like it or even a kid for that matter.. sorry but no offense.
I like the ingenuity with this project, and its frugality, but if anybody who's not a Maker sees it, they will regard it as ugly. Its nothing personal, its just how others are going to see it.
its creative but i agree it's UGLY!!!!!!!!!!......but the idea counts
Just a note: Feel free to ask any questions about your ideas for customizing the case and I'll help you make them work.

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