Picture of How to make your own hair bands
 Get a cloth cut to the length you prefer 
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Step 1: Paint

Picture of Paint
 Choose a color paint that you would like to dye it.

Step 2: Paint Container

Picture of Paint Container
 Put a drop of paint in a container 

Step 3: Hot Water

Picture of Hot Water
 Turn on hot water. Get it steaming hot

Step 4: Water in Container

Picture of Water in Container
Fill container 3/4 full with hot water

Step 5: Stir

Picture of Stir
 Stir the paint and water together

Step 6: Dye

Picture of Dye
 Slowly place the cloth in the container

Step 7: Let sit

Picture of Let sit
 Let sit for 5-10 minutes 

Step 8: Take out

Picture of Take out
 Take cloth out of water

Step 9: Ring out

Picture of Ring out
Ring out extra water

Step 10: Pull apart

Picture of Pull apart
 Pull cloth apart

Step 11: Put on Hanger

Picture of Put on Hanger
 Hang the cloth on a hanger

Step 12: Dry

Picture of Dry
 Let Dry

Step 13: Tie

Picture of Tie
 Put in your hair where you want it. Tie it

Step 14: Wear

Picture of Wear
 Now your ready for the day!
jmelyn5 years ago
 These are awesome.... you could sell these!!