Just in case you couldn't figure it out yourself, or if you have nothing better to do.

Step 1: Getting Started

If you haven't already, make an account. On the homepage you will find the sign up link in the top right corner. By clicking it you will come to a page with several options. Option one says Get Started, and allows you to get a FREE account, which may be your best option at this time. If you decide that you would rather go the extra mile, opposite of the free account is the Pro Account Pricing. This shows the different prices per month and the payment types that are accepted. You can chose from $1.45/month, billed annually, $2.95/month, billed quarterly, or the best value of $29.95/2 years, a one time payment. Not sure what the big deal is with a Pro account? Fear not, because at the bottom of the page the site lists all advantages of the Pro account compared to a free one. Now, after making your difficult decision, you will come to a screen asking for your email, username, password, age(can be hidden), gender, and ZIP code.
This was skillfully done. Could you post a step-by-step instructable explaining how you made this instructable on creating your own instructables? <br> <br>That would be very helpful. Thank you.
Yo dawg <br>i heard you like making instructables <br>so i made an instructable on making an instructable so you can learn to make an instructable while learning how to make an instructable. <br> <br>Sorry, I had to do that. Was too perfect.
Would I be right in thinking that you had nothing better to do at the time, like making something physical?<br> <br><br> <br>L

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