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Over the years, I have done a lot of intarsia or picture knitting. Many of the things I have made have been from already created patterns, but a lot have been from my own design because there just wasn’t anything like I wanted available. I thought I would share how to create your own intarsia patterns.  Please note this is just to show how to make your own intarsia designs, it is not to teach how to knit intarsia!

What you need

You will need a basic pattern for whatever it is you want to knit and a picture that you want to add to your knitted item. You will also need to know roughly the tension that you knit at.

For the purpose of this instructable, I will show how I made my daughter’s Dr Who jumper first as it was quite straight forward, using pre-existing knitting graphs. Later, we’ll look at using non-knitting graphs and how to convert them. Of course, you are not limited to adding pictures to jumpers. Anything knitted can have a picture added.

Step 1: Getting a picture and a knitting pattern

Picture of Getting a picture and a knitting pattern

Find a picture you want to use. We wanted to give our daughter a Dr Who themed jumper, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any patterns. The closest we came was a pattern for a knitted plush Tardis and a Dalek scarf  

Because both were knitting graphs, I didn’t have to alter them to make them come out in the correct proportions. 

I have a number of knitting books and quickly found a pattern for a plain raglan sleeve jumper in my daughter’s size. If you don’t have any patterns yourself, just look online. There are plenty of sites with free knitting patterns for sweaters/jumpers.


Or you could just print the image then put the page back in the printer and print the graph over it?

Dr. Who4 years ago
is that sweater dr.who related?
V.C.N Dr. Who11 months ago

Duh. One sweater has a blue police box motif and another sweater has a dalek motif. I don't even watch the show and I could tell that they're Dr. Who-related.

sstine3 years ago
That is fantastic. I love all Whovian things.
Twinmum (author)  sstine3 years ago
Thank you, my daughter is a huge fan.
chrisre cat4 years ago