How to make your own log hide for your reptiles

Picture of How to make your own log hide for your reptiles
This Instructable will show you how to make your very own log hide for any reptile or insect.
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Step 1: The materials

Picture of The materials
For this project you will need:
A 2 litter soda bottle or bigger
A razor blade
and toilet paper

Sorry the last two arnt in the picture.

Step 2: The bottle

Picture of The bottle
The first thing you will need to do is the bottle in half. After, cut the small end were the cap is. Then, cut the end of the bottle off that is used to stand it up. Finally, cut a hole on the side of it.

Step 3: The bark(or rock)

Picture of the bark(or rock)

The next step is to draw bark shapes or rock shapes into your styrofoam. Then, cut along your lines.

Step 4: Put all together

Picture of Put all together
After the pieces are cut apply them to your bottle. This is the part were you can use your imagination.. Be sure to leave one inch of clearance on each side of the hide because this hide will be buried.

Step 5: Instalation

Picture of Instalation
Then, put one layer of foil on the inside of the cave.

Step 6: The texture

Picture of The texture

Finally, you are going to buy tile grout. A seven pound bag of tile grout only cost $9.00, very cheap if you're willing to go the distance. You will want the mixture to feal mix mustard when you stur it. Apply at least 3 outside and 2 coats to the inside.

Step 7: You're Finished!!!

Picture of You're Finished!!!
The large opening on the front of the hide is set against the glass so you can see inside.
izzayzayy1236 months ago

may as well just buy one from the store for about £7

cmont1 year ago
What sealant did you use?
CAScreate1 year ago
that's genius!
Hexpigge5 years ago
wow! really nice! :)
blam725 years ago
 Interesting.  I may have to consider this idea.  Thanks for sharing.