This Instructable will show you how to make your very own log hide for any reptile or insect.

Step 1: The materials

For this project you will need:
A 2 litter soda bottle or bigger
A razor blade
and toilet paper

Sorry the last two arnt in the picture.
This looks super awesome, but a quick question: why do you use the foil? What does it do? Just curious :)
<p>may as well just buy one from the store for about &pound;7</p>
<p>in US it costs a LOT more for pet supplys </p>
<p>I live in the mid US and to buy a reptile hide of any kind can be pretty costly. A hide that big could cost around $35. Most of those things needed can be found around the house, all I would need to buy would be grout and sealant, which would add up to $15. Plus its a neat craft to do with the kids.</p>
Wow, this is so creative! I'm soo gonna make this for my Beardie :3 thanks for the tutorial :)
What sealant did you use?
that's genius!
&nbsp;Its really awful to keep your bearded dragon on sand =[<br /> Please do your research on your reptiles care. Beardies can accidentally ingest the sand, then it sits in their wet stomachs and fuses like cement, they then become impacted, its like a slow sad death, and it can take a year or 2 even more, but you would never know your beardie is in pain.
and if you would do your research you will find that its fine to use CALCIUM SAND!!!!!!it can be digested
i havent had a lot of luck with it.<br />
wow! really nice! :)<br />
&nbsp;Interesting. &nbsp;I may have to consider this idea. &nbsp;Thanks for sharing.

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