How to Make Your Own Patterns





Introduction: How to Make Your Own Patterns

My granddaughter wanted me to make her a pair of purple shorts. I had the material but no pattern. I went to buy a pattern and it was $7.00. It had several other items but I just wanted to make a pair of shorts. So I went to the goodwill and bought a pair of shorts in her size for $0.50. I tried them on her so I could make sure they fit. Next I ripped all the seams out. I used a seam ripper but you can use small scissors also. Then I ironed the material and made sure all the seam areas are now flat. Also make note on how large the seams are. If the item fits well just sew the same size seams. Now for the pattern I ended up with two pieces and some elastic. Now I have my own pattern.

Step 1: Lets Cut Out the Shorts

Next I cut out the shorts and after I finished sewing the new shorts I used the elastic from the original pair and put it in the new shorts. When running elastic through material attaching a safety pin makes it easy to run the elastic through the material.

Step 2: Finished Shorts

Now I have a pair of shorts for my granddaughter and I know they will fit because I had her try on the original pair I purchased at the goodwill. I also have a good pattern so I can make her some more shorts. Since this worked so well I am going to try to cover some cushions.

Step 3: Cover Cushions

I have a couple of cushions that need covering. So I am going to try the same thing and make my own pattern. I have made the pattern, so all I have left is to sew the material. This works great and can save you a lot from purchasing patterns.

Step 4:



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    and also great for those things there is no pattern.

    1 reply

    You're right it works great. I had a chair with cushions that needed to be covered and it worked great to take the old one's off and make a pattern. It actually had zippers and I used the old zippers on the new cushions. Thanks for the comment.

    This is a great way to go about making new stuff. Copy old stuff! Love it!

    1 reply

    It is also great because you can try it on first to make sure it fits. It usually takes me several adjustments when using a new pattern. Thanks for the comments.