Step 7: Step 7: Add the Seasoning

I use to buy fresh cilantro but would only need a small amount and ended up wasting most of it so now I used dried cilantro in the form of a season shaker. Feel free to make your own decision here.

First, sprinkle in some cilantro flakes
Next, using a pepper mill add in cracked pepper I like to use close to two tablespoons worth.***
Next, thoroughly stir the contents of the large bowl.

***NOTE: If using ground pepper use only one tablespoon
<p>I ran out of salsa tonight (June 30, 2014) and decided to search for a recipe to make my own. I ran across this website and recipe and just made it. I did not have any cilantro and I have not cooled it in the refrigerator yet, but it is so, so good and I couldn't wait. My husband is going to have a fit. I will never be able to buy salsa again. I appreciate the steps (broke down) so anyone can make this (especially me who never cooks). Added some Tostitos and yum. Thanks for sharing. </p>
Awesome! Sounds quite tasty!

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