how to get movies, music videos, pictures, and mp3's on your psp for free.

Step 1: What You Will Need

a psp. if you can find wi-fi thats all youll need.
if you dont have wi-fi you will need a cable to conect your psp to a computer.
but if your computer has a slot for the kind of memory stick it uses you wont need wi-fi or the cable.
you will need intenet access on your computer.

Step 2: The Sites for You Can Use.

these sites i have found are all free and easy to use. some will however require you to sign up for an account. but the accounts are free. you dont have to convert anything. the downloads are ready to use on your psp.
-the best sites for movies are-
*pspblackmarket.com-requires an account. when you download something it will take you to a site called sendspace. it will also require an account.
*iphonemoviez.net-no account required. movies are downloaded in parts. also has t.v. shows.
*imp4movies.com-when you download something you have 2 sites to pick from. mid upload and megaupload. megaupload doesnt work.
*pspmafia.com-i havent downloaded anything from there but my friends use it and it works really good.
*pspisoz.com-thanks lemon!
-the best sites for t.v. shows are-
*tv shows yo yo.com- free
-the best sites for music are-
*downloads.nl- it will come up in a different language. your computer will probobly automaticly convert it to english. when you type in a song right click on a result and hit save target as.
*pspicy.com- has music, videos, pictures, themes, demos ,and flash games and soundboards

*abmp3.com- my friend showed me this. it works pretty good. no account required.

Step 3: Final Thoughts.

i hope this has helped you in making your psp more fun.
post you comments or other helpful links to good download sites.
*disclamier*- i am not responsible if you somehow get a computer virus or get in trouble for illegally downloading anything.
sorry i didnt have good pictures my camerea is messed up.
thanks to those who post more sites.
http://www.pspgamecrazy.com/ is a very nice websites for games and you can always search on google psp iso games free download
do you need custom firmware<br />
woot psp! thanks for the list! also, dealextreme has great prices on physical components. i needed it to do this!<br /> <br /> <br />
your welcome. so what did you do?
Why'd you take a picture in front of a vent?<br />
cause its warm.
Pandas.<br />
yup. there the coolest anmial ever!
When I used to screw around with my PSP, I would always go to clubpsp.org.&nbsp; It was a lovely site, and always had what I was looking for, including apps, isos, psx, and emulators.<br /> <br /> Unfortunately, it was shut down by Big Brother.&nbsp; I believe it has relocated, but I've lost interest since then.<br />
A list of sites would be better placed as a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/edit/new?type=forumTopic" rel="nofollow">Forum Topic</a>.<br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />
Aye.<br />
Or just use pspisoz.com its free and just links you to megaupload. Then use torrents for everything else.<br /> <br /> Megaupload is completely free and there are plenty of generators to create &quot;members only&quot; download links floating around the internet.<br /> <br /> Of course this is all hypothetical and for informational purposes only...<br /> <br />
ok. thanks. ill put the site on the list.

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