How to Make Your Videos a Billion Times Better! (in 30 Seconds!)





Introduction: How to Make Your Videos a Billion Times Better! (in 30 Seconds!)

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Aren't you tired of your videos just not... turning out? Made a how to, or trying to show something off and people are complaining they can't see what's happening and watching someone else's vid instead?

Making a video isn't just pushing the record button, you have to set it up right! It's really very simple, it's just most people don't know what they should be doing. I've seen WAY too many videos where you really can't see what's happening. If you've had complaints before, look no further. Follow the simple steps and I can guarantee you, people won't cut your video off just because they can't stand watching it!

Hopefully this helps, as you don't need expensive equipment to make your shots look good, just a minute of thought before you film!

*note, the camera used for all but the last shot is a Logitech Quickcam Chat. An extremely cheap $20 buck web cam. With the proper lighting, it looks better then 2/3 the content on Youtube. Why? because theirs isn't lit right! I guarantee almost anything can look better then what I have, just because this camera is so cheap.
Also note, the final camera was the Cannon Powershot, A620, an outdated point and shoot camera. Your shots will likely look better then that with your camera if you light it right!

Here's the youtube upload link



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    Your sick right?? I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Да хорошее, качественное видео будет популярным. С его помощью можно иметь неплохой трафик на сайт!

    Lol, u call A620 outdated! I got an A590 like a little bit more than a year ago and it was a new model. Is that the technology world now?

    hahaha, pretty much, although I know we've had the a620 for at least two years or more. It's a great little camera, it's just not as nice as a lot of the newer ones. ;) such is technology though...

    After watching this a couple of times would it be fair to say that all you do is switch your crappy camera for one that is less crappy? If that is the case it seems kind of obvious, no?

    in a word... no. First off, I could take a top of the line camera (like the RED ONE... it has a sensor that's literally 11cm long if I'm not mistaken, massive megapixels.) If the scene isn't lit properly. it will look better then the webcam for sure, but it still won't look nearly as good as it should. secondly, composition of the image changed. I'm no film major (although I've played with video cameras quite a bit) but the way most videos are shot. fantastic camera or no, it'll still look horrible. If you at least set it up right, although maybe not artsy, it looks better. period. finally, the next to last shot, (I did use the same $20 webcam all the way through, including this shot, although not the last one) although the clarity isn't fantastic, it's "acceptable" or "watchable" I changed the camera to a cannon a620 powershot. a 2 year old "Point and shoot" I have around the house. This was used to emphasize that most people can go the final step, without spending money (most the time) and use a run of the mill picture camera to make their videos a heck of a lot better. once again, although the biggest difference was in the last two shots, without the previous setup beforehand, even with the better camera. the saying will hold "junk in, junk out".

    *as a side note, most of the stuff in the video is obvious to me, however, if your eye isn't trained, you'll never notice that it isn't right. I don't know how many times I've told friends "why don't you use the camera over there to film it?" "but the webcam is just fine..."