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In this instructable i will show you how to turn your windows 7 into windows xp (it can be used as a prank) but you can still use everything the same way. by the way the thing in the top right hand corner is an acer touch portal thing. i have it because my computer is touch screen.   :D  

Step 1: Doing what you need to do

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now you need to go into control panel then select appearance and personalization  then select change theme.
reibuehl3 years ago
Why not just open a Command Prompt window (cmd.exe) and run the command "sc stop themes" in it?

If you want to make it permanent, just run "sc config themes start= disabled" instead (note the blank between 'start=' and 'disabled', it is necessary).
mkslater (author)  reibuehl3 years ago
Hmm i didnt think of that, anyway most people like using the usfr interface not cmd cos they think its safer