Introduction: How to Make Yourself Into a Zombie! Realistic Wounds!

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a really realistc zombie wond on any part of your body!
But first, you need to know what you need.
You need assorted make up, Q-tips, liquid latex, and a few sheets of toilet paper/paper towels.

Step 1: Shape Your Wound.

Rip your toilet paper to give the basic shape of your wound.

Step 2: Sticking on the Wound.

Use liquid latex to stick on the toilet paper.

Step 3: Add a Few More Layers.

Let the liquid latex dry, and add andother layer.
Repeat this step about 3 times.

Step 4: Rip It!

Cut a hole in the latex, to make it look like a wound.

Step 5: Make, and Add the Chunks!

Rip up and roll up pieces of toilet paper, to make chunks.

Step 6: Add the Chunks, Add the Latex.

Put the chunks in the wound, and then put on a layer of liquid latex. Let it dry.

Step 7: Make-up. Here's Where It Gets Fun.

Now, here's where it's really up to you.
I do it the way it looks good to me.
You do it the way it looks good to you.

Add some red make up inside the wound.

Step 8: Darken the Wound.

Add some black make-up inside the wound, then mix it in.

Step 9: More Make Up.

Add some make up around the wound

Step 10: Finish It Up.

Add son make up for finishing touches, and go out and scare people!


Pull and Twist (author)2009-08-27

Interesting... I once saw an Instructable much similar to this one.

becomingthebeast (author)2008-12-07

Sounds quite easy :). Nice instructable.

asyrith (author)2008-09-23

Your pics are all pretty dark and the finished product is especially hard to see, but regardless, nice tips! I remember reading something about latex and toilet paper before and I really do like the effect. I think I might even like it better with the light color on the edges. It gives it some definition. :) Well done! I love everything zombie.

mg0930mg (author)asyrith2008-10-16

A nice bright yellow, smeared in with a q-tip make it look nice, also for an inflamed piece of skin use a stipple brush, and rub across. It should look ripped, and torn up, now add the yellow, and make it better, here's some of my 'wounds'.


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