How to make/convert a 6 string guitar to a 12 string guitar

Picture of How to make/convert a 6 string guitar to a 12 string guitar
A good friend at school recently asked me if I thought it was possible to convert a 6 string into a 12, at first I thought the neck would need to be widened but I thought I'd try. So here you go Seb, proof that it is possible.

I hope that if you are reading this you give it a go,
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
An old normal 6 string guitar(mine was an old encore 3/4 size which my grandad was going to chop up for fire wood) :O
6 new geared tuners £7
Wood for the head (pine)
Wood for the strengthener (Mahogany)
Wood for underneath the bridge (Pine)
12 Sting nut 99p

And you are ready

Step 2: Modify the Head

Picture of Modify the Head
To start with I took of the original pegs(to prevent damage), all the strings and the bridge(later on I came to wonder why I did as there is no need to unless you want to reglue it or make it stronger)
After doing this I marked on where I was going to cut the top of the head because it had a curvy bit.(Photo 1) After this I took a tenon saw to it and cut it.

For the new head I had 15mm pine, this was the same thickness as the original head. As the original head went from 65mm to 75mm over 130mm I cut the new head to be 75mm at the bottom and 85mm at the top.
g-bro3 years ago
I would think your neck (a classical to begin with, thus built for nylon strings) would suffer the extra tension. I'd worry about the bridge too, but it's hard to tell from your photo how you actually anchored them.

I went the other way, taking the 'extra' strings off my old Epiphone 12-string because I have big hands and feel like my LH fingers are always too fat. I thought why not experiment with a wide neck in this way instead of buying a new guitar. Granted I still need to put new strings on - they're old and a bit too light anyway. But so far I'm very pleased. I worried that the unused tuners would rattle (in which case I'd run a string though them all and add a little tension) but they're stiff so no problem yet.
mattyuke (author)  g-bro3 years ago
Yeah I'd agree with nylon strings, I think 12 strings are much nicer as nylon, I found the neck was way too overcrowded.

I like what you did.
What is the sound like from it?
Is it worth making?
mattyuke (author)  GuitarGuyJames3 years ago
Well ....not really,
it was more of an experiment, it didn't help that the strings are really thick, it was 3/4 size guitar aswell.
It's a bit of fun.