How to Man Up Your Cheap Girly Dresser!





Introduction: How to Man Up Your Cheap Girly Dresser!

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In this Instructable I show you how to camouflage and add rope handles to your cheap girly dresser.

You will learn how to spray paint objects, camouflage objects, and tie basic knots.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

-Some thick rope(best if black and polyester).
-Five cans of spray paint, types listed in picture (I get mine at my local HobbyTown USA but you can probably get it online or somewhere).
-Drill and a drill bit thats a little thicker than your rope.
-Whatever type of tool you use to get your old dresser handles off in my case a phillips drill bit.
-Sand paper (power sander optional)

Step 2: Remove the Drawers.

Take the drawers out of your dresser.

Step 3: Sand Everything.

I recommend your dresser be outside from here on out:

Sand your entire dresser and the drawers (not the particle board sand the part you see), this allows the paint to stick to the wood (and if you have a power sander it's kind of fun). No pictures of the drawers being sanded but still do it and make sure to sand every little area except the particle board.

After sanding dust off all the sawdust.

Step 4: Camouflage #1

First spray black the parts of the dresser where the drawers meet the dresser.
Take out your light earth and get to work, do not spray in any particular pattern, what we want is blobs, thick lines and cool splotches. Do the top, the sides, and the front (still with no drawers). Leave a lot of spaces in between the paint (you'll thank me later). See the pictures.

Step 5: Camouflage #2

Take out your dark green paint and start filling in the areas left un-painted in the first step. Follow the pictures.

Step 6: Drawers

The drawers have been sanded. Now its time to take those old girly handles out of your drawers do this with what will most likely be a drill or screwdriver with the appropriate head on it. Follow pictures.

Next whip out that drill bit thats slightly bigger than your rope. I just drilled through the two pre-set holes for the big drawers, and with the small drawers I drilled through the pre-set holes on both sides then drilled a whole about 3 inches away from the pre-sets on both sides to make two hole on either side. Follow pictures.

Step 7: Put the Drawers Back In.

Self explanatory.

Step 8: Camouflage Drawers.

Repeat the previous steps of camouflaging on the drawers.

Step 9: Camouflaging Finish.

Now to add the black, when I add black to my camouflage I usually paint where the first to colors meet each other sort of on the lining the border if you will. You do not want to completely outline all borders just do it in random spots and areas follow the pictures. You will be doing this to the top, sides, and front with drawers in.

Step 10: Adding the Rope Handles.

Now that your drawers are camolicious its time to make some rope handles.
I first melted the end of my rope with a lighter and squeezed together the end to make it hold (do this only if your rope is polyester), you will do this wherever you have cut.
So after burning the end tie a one loop knot in the end and cut about 12 inches of rope down from the knot. Burn the cut end. Repeat for as many handles as you need.
To put the handles in simply slid the side of the rope thats untied from inside to outside of hole (so the knots on the inside), then slide the rope into the hole next to it and tie it off inside the drawer. Repeat for all handles.

Step 11: Your Done!

Let dry for a good hour then put that new manly dresser back in your room and watch your friends stare in awe. Now go forth and use your new found camouflaging knowledge on all that is feminine and easily viewable(and not other person's property)!



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    Absolutely love this! My son's room is camo and I have been trying to decide whether to re-paint his dresser a solid color or strip it and stain it, but I will definitely be painting it camo. Thanks for the awesome step-by-step instructions!

    1 reply

    Awesome! I'm glad they helped!

    its seems like if you had painted it black, you would have gotten the manly across rather than the slightly trashy. The black would have held an air of slight sophistication. but who needs that when you're a man... right? I think that's just my opinion though. but i DO like the idea of how easy it is to mod furniture!

    1 reply

    Well I guess trashy is all in the eye of the beholder, but it actually ties into the rest of my room rather well. The pictures just don't quite do it justice actually.

    nice, i like! now u got a proper MAN dresser. i cant but help but think that a couple of decommissioned grenade would make for wicked handles!

    5 replies

    Gotta get a' hold of some of those for extra manliness lol.

    land mines! or wait, why not put some guns (maybe some colt .45's) as the handles:p... anyways... i have my sisters old dresser which is gonna retire soon and be burnt but i'm gonna buy a girly dresser just so i can do this!! nice instructable, very detailed and very nice final project. one question, how much did the total project cost? -gamer

    About 12 dollars :).

    i meant with the price of the dresser and all...

    Well the dresser had been around for a while I really have no idea of the price, sorry. Your best bet would be just to keep your eye on at garage sales and dumpsters. You can find plenty of furniture for cheap to nothing there.

    "Camolicious" indeed! I have an old beat up dresser that is perfect for this. And altho I am a girl, I don't like girly furniture either lol. I might even camo my desktop case.

    1 reply

    Cool always nice to meet a fellow camo. enthusiast.

    But how do you find you dresser when you need clothes? It might be worth mentioning only to melt your rope if it is polyester.

    1 reply

    Thanks and fixed it.

    WOAH. I don't have any girly dressers, but wow, this is really cool! Maybe if your walls were camouflage too... that would be cool. Better yet, have the cubbies come out of the wall. Great job!

    1 reply

    I am actually going to be camoing that section of the wall with real paint pretty soon. Great minds think alike.

    awesome, but for even more manly toughness, you could (if you own one) shoot it with a shotgun, with very fine buck-shot, makes it gnarly and rugged

    1 reply

    Good idea sort of artificialy age the wood. Maybe for a future project?