Step 9: Now you've got a business

Picture of Now you've got a business
At some point during this process i realized it might be a good idea to treat the whole project as a real business since up to this point it had become a giant hole where i liked to throw all my money.

speak to an account and a lawyer , form an llc, s-corp or whatever else they advise

file federal and state tax paper work

if you are doing business on the web and are not a web designer and programmer (as i am not)
hire someone who is

if you're not going with an off the shelf shopping cart and payment processor (as i did not)
do your research and understand what you are getting in to

decide which payments you will accept and apply for merchant accounts with each

Decide on your shipper LEARN EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT THEM, they will be hugely important to your operation.

When all that is in order SPAM THE HELL out of anyone who has ever shown even the slightest bit of interest in what your doing.