How to Maximize Power on a Rubber Band Gun





Introduction: How to Maximize Power on a Rubber Band Gun

A very simple way to get alot of power out of your rubberband gun.

Step 1: Rubber Bands

Get a handful of rubberbands. Then get them all around your fingers.

Step 2: Load Gun

Load all the bands on to one peg. (The second or third peg is the best, I have it on the second peg here.)

Step 3: Finished Product



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    3 Discussions

    do not do this too often and when you do wear safety goggles (i used to do this all the time with my friend until the wood surrounding the mechanism shattered. it hurt my hand alot

    this is a very good idea. i used it on my rubber band gun and it works!!! thanks for posting it.

    Hey dude, is there any chance you could post a picture of the trigger mechanism? I'm having some issues the elastic band gun I designed. P.S. use a flash or go outside next time!(your pictures could use some help!)