Step 7: Time for the Yarn

Ok now it's time to thread the yarn into the yarn needle. Then you will be weaving in and out of the base you just stitched. Again your going to want to leave a tail no knots.Keep doing this till the hole is closed up! If you are working on your bare sock weave in and out of the threads already there. Image 6&7
<p>Hi, </p><p>This was helpful, thank you, but I question the use of a light bulb as your darning egg. You can get a used wooden one on eBay for about $5, or use a dried gourd which craft suppliers carry. A light bulb can very easily break and at least leave a bunch of shards in your sock even if you manage not to get cut.
<p>I want to try this, but I'm a little concerned about blisters, although I've never had a blister problem wearing military boots (other boots and shoes, yeah). Would you recommend this for military personnel who walk long distances in boots carrying weight?</p>
<p>Use a finer yarn or pearl cotton, and it shouldn't be a problem. You could even use a silk thread.</p>
Excellent tutorial on darning! Using a light bulb is a clever solution for one of those wooden eggs they sell.<br />
<p>I use a dried birdhouse gourd. </p>
Thank you:)
Good -very green! Everyone should do this! <br><br>Except if you're diabetic, then you should never wear patched socks because any wounds under your feet may heal slower.
You're right about diabetics, same thing also applies for lepers.
<p>Don't be silly. Leopards don't darn socks. They mostly don't even wear them!</p>
Hi, thanks for the tutorial! What do you do with the long ends of thread &amp; yarn when you're done?
Hey, I love this,and I will try it. So frustrating to wear a hole in a perfectly good sock.

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