Step 7: Time for the yarn

Ok now it's time to thread the yarn into the yarn needle. Then you will be weaving in and out of the base you just stitched. Again your going to want to leave a tail no knots.Keep doing this till the hole is closed up! If you are working on your bare sock weave in and out of the threads already there. Image 6&7
Hi, thanks for the tutorial! What do you do with the long ends of thread & yarn when you're done?
Good -very green! Everyone should do this! <br><br>Except if you're diabetic, then you should never wear patched socks because any wounds under your feet may heal slower.
You're right about diabetics, same thing also applies for lepers.
Hey, I love this,and I will try it. So frustrating to wear a hole in a perfectly good sock.
Excellent tutorial on darning! Using a light bulb is a clever solution for one of those wooden eggs they sell.<br />
Thank you:)
It's really nice. But today I in brandbagsales.com bought a bag. Pretty cheap

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