Picture of How to milk a goat
Yes i'm serious, this is an ible on how to milk a goat.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
Milk Pail
feed (for the goats)
Milking stand (to keep the goats in place)
Tote and strainer (to filter and store milk)

And... A....

(that gives milk)

You can get the tote, strainer, and milk pail at hoeggergoatsupply.com (I am not advertising for them)
triumphman3 years ago
whoever is milking the goat sure has nice fingernails! You sure that is a guy, or is it your mum? Just curious! I am a Sherlock Holmes detail kind of guy!
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  triumphman3 years ago
That's me, and last I checked, I was a guy. :)

Don't know why I had such clean fingernails that day, that was about 4 yrs ago, I have no idea about my fingernails back then, but I typically have much dirtier less clean fingernails (and hands).
You wear gloves, that is why your nails are so clean! Mine get beat up bad, as I often forget to put on gloves and jump right into a project! Thanks for your time! Keep up the good work!
When we had a few goats for our kids to milk, we purchased from a large breeder. She explained to us the reason NOT to pull when milking a goat is that the udder more easily starts to sag on goats. By pulling you cause can cause the entire udder to sag sooner if you pull at the teat.
Interesting, I'd always been told it was because they were more sensitive than cows, so it hurt them. Dunno.
It may possibly hurt them. I had some friends that couldn't grasp that concept and milked their goats just like the did their cows. The goats didn't seem to mind that much. Since a goats udder has less suspension ligaments than a cow both may be true. It's what I was told by a breeder and active milker, so that's what I've always shared. And one reason their probably isn't a vacuum home milker to my knowledge.
MMangum6 years ago
Good ible. Those are some enormous teats your doe has there. My goats are long and skinny. Can't wait for the mozerella Instructable I have 5 gallons of milk that I have no idea what to do with. Keep up the good work.
drink it
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  lil jon1686 years ago
you can drink it, some people say it tastes just like cow milk. I don't drink any milk though.
goats used to be known as the poor man's cow because they survived just about everywhere, gave milk, and meat.
Yes I've been doing alot of that, but I am slightly lactose intolerant and at almost a gallon of milk a day, even goat milk can get a bit unpleasant.
An Villain6 years ago
pic 2, goat *nom nom nom*
I always used to milk cows by squeezing and releasing the teat (like with your goat), rather than pulling on the teat. Mind you, we wouldn't actually milk out the cows by hand. We would just pop out a few squirts to prepare the cow for the automatic milker (bonus points for hitting the dog with the milk stream) On the occasions where you had to strip out a whole udder's worth of milk (fresh or mastitic cows, whose milk can't go "in the tank"), you'd feel like your hands were gonna fall off. I'm surprised that nobody has commented about making sure that the goat ain't a Billy, before you set about trying to milk it...
very nice. If there was a way to make that goat's milk into a goat's whey protien I'm sure you could find a bit more profit. just ask orxy.
yopauly6 years ago
to all except oldanvilyoungsmith(she knows) Don't forget to wash your hands and the teats. Put the milk in the freezer to reduce temperature as fast as possible. chevre frais please! Fresh goat cheese.
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  yopauly6 years ago
She? I'm a she?
Sorry, Brother! I truly apologize!
canida6 years ago
Goat mozzerella sounds good. What else do you do with the goat milk?
yopauly canida6 years ago
Most people of the world use goat milk instead of cows milk. So most everything you use cows milk for you do with goat milk. Yogurt, cheese, etc. Ice cream is sort of tough (just takes longer to collect cream) because goat milk fat is in suspension better than cows milk so it rises to the top less. That is why goat milk is better to feed to orphan mammals(puppies, kittens, children, etc) because it is easily digested.
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  canida6 years ago
well, you know the cheese, we also do ice cream and butter, oh yeah! and ice cream, and feta cheese and did I mention ice cream? (I loke goat milk ice cream)
fwjs286 years ago
yumm, goat cheese is yummm!
oldanvilyoungsmith (author)  fwjs286 years ago
Yes, goat mozzerella is yummy (especially on pizza)
luvit6 years ago
i got a ribbon at the county fair! ..5 stars.