How to mill a perfect circle in Corian to make a vacuum seal for a wood kiln

Picture of How to mill a perfect circle in Corian to make a vacuum seal for a wood kiln
I'm building a Vacuum Kiln to dry wood.  It is made out of 12" PVC Pipe -- See How to tap a large hole in a big PVC Pipe

I'm using the solid surface counter-top material Corian since it is not porous and it is relatively strong and a 1" thick slab will not deflect / fail (crack shatter) when under a vacuum. You can glue it together and the epoxy glue welds it so that it is strong as heck.

My first attempt at making an end for the kiln was a failure.  I had to go back to the drawing board and learn how to use a new tool for the vertical mill --- the 360 degree table.  It is so versatile, I wanted to do an instructable on it.
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Step 1: Rubber and epoxy failed -- Solution use a O-ring

My first solution for an end for the vacuum kiln was to get some 18" diameter 1/4" rubber pieces and glue them to the 1" thick corian  

I thought that this would work like a charm! At first glance, it seemed to work.  Unfortunately, the vacuum pump that I'm using is so powerful, it is pulling the rubber from the corian when under 28" Hg.

I decided that I needed to go a different route -- I needed to make a giant O-Ring and route a channel 1/2" into the corian to mate with the 12" PVC pipe.

This was not a job for a hand-held router.  The solution is to use a vertical mill and the attachment for the mill that allows you to make a perfect circle -- the 360 table! 
pfred210 months ago

Why can't you use a hand router? I cut circles with my hand router all of the time.