Step 2: Mixing

One:  fill shaker with ice, the amount of ice varies with how many drinks you will be mixing and how much ice you enjoy in your drinks.

Two: Add in 8oz of spicy tomato juice along with 2oz of Bloody Marymix. When it comes to Bloody Mary mix it does not matter what brand you use, just try as many as it takes to find the one that you like best.

Three: Add 1oz Tabasco Sauce and two dashes of Worcestershire sauce, you can add more or less Tabasco it just depends on how spicy you want your drink to be, you can also leave the Tabasco out if you do not like spicy, the drink will be the same either way.

Four: Add in Franks hot sauce, along with cracked black pepper.When it comes to adding these ingredients I always say to add as much as needed to meet your taste.

Five: Add in celery salt, any brand of celery salt will do. The reason that celery salt is so important is that it helps take some of the bite away from the hot sauce and Tabasco sauce. It is also essential when it comes to the flavor and fullness of the drink.

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