How to Mod a Nerf Dart to Fire in Your Longshot CS-6.





Introduction: How to Mod a Nerf Dart to Fire in Your Longshot CS-6.

This is my first instructable and a extremely easy one.
One day i got tired of checking if walmart had any "streamline" darts for my longshot, every time i go they say theres none in stock or they dont carry them any more, so i decided to make my own.

-Nerf Longshot CS-6
-Nerf darts

Step 1: Cutting the Dart Tip

This part is easy just cut off a piece of the tip of the dart. Then just cut around the tip until there is mostly just the flat tip left (it should look like pic 2).

Step 2: Getting Rid of the Dart Tips Edge

Now cut the edge of the tip a little, just cut dont to deep or the top flat piece(pic 1)!
Then rip off the edge slowly, dont rip the Styrofoam(pic 2).

Step 3: Your Done!

After step 2 it should look like the pic. It should also fire. For some reason these flat tipped darts fly further than my last remaining dart I have that came with the gun.



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waw tanks it actually works but zombie strike bullets work better

Rip the head off and proceed to fill top part with hot glue. Keep turning the dart so the hot glue dosent drip all the way down the center.

keep at it buddy but this didnt work did i miss a step?

hey i like the idea it was very neat the first one i made it was bad but the second on ewas perfect and i under stand the walmart thing they never have it there and it is annoying thank you for the idea i needed nerf bullets

dud thx i hav a old long shot cs-6 it cudnt shoot more than 5 ft now it shoots more than 27 ft acuritly i dnt even gloo the fome stuff on the spring dosnt mater thanks

Those are just paramedic scissors.......also, I agree with the guy below me, just buy some streamline darts.

U would think that buyin stream line bullets would be so much faster

this doesnt work at all

ahhhhhhh i see what ur doing ur cutting off the top so that the barrel will allow the bullet to pass through hmmmmmmm smart idea. i had destroyed some of my magstike darts trying to shoot it without the mod. thx for answering my concern

Is there supposed to be a hole in the top when you cut off the Velcro part on a tagger dart?