How to Mod a CS-6 Nerf Longshot





Introduction: How to Mod a CS-6 Nerf Longshot

This is an instructable on how to do the following to your CS-6 Nerf Longshot:

~ Increase range by 25%
~ Increase power by 35%
~ Make a 14 nerf dart clip
~ Decrease weight to your gun
~ Make it cooler

This gun is currently a work in progress (V1), i'll post a youtube video with picture link when i'm done (V2) is harder to do.

Step 1: Eliminating Extra Weight

To eliminate the extra weight from your Nerf Longshot Gun, and to make it cooler, first you remove the Grey stock that comes with it by unscrewing 3 back screws. To remove the Bipod, you must open up the gun, 23 screws in all, and remove 4 internal screws on each side of the gun to remove the bipod.

Step 2: Nerf Clip Mod

Tired of endless nerf battles full of reloading and collecting darts, instead of the 6 bullet Nerf Dart clip provided to your by nerf, you can take two clips and make one super clip.

1. Unscrew both clips
2. Remove all the things inside the both clips
3. Using a saw, cut out on the first clip the section below where the line stops when the clip is inserted into the gun
4. Tape the two springs from the two clips togeather.
5. Break apart on the second clip the two pincers that hold the darts from being ejected
6. Put the Spring back into the second clip, and put the top of the spring on the Dart Automatic Ejecter plastic piece which is placed inside the first clip, so now they are stacked togeather.
7. Tape both of the clips with duct tape
8. Your clip is now twice as long, and should hold 14 foam darts

Step 3: Removing the Air Restrictiors

Removing the air restrictors takes around 30 min, but increase the range and power of your gun greatly.

1. Unscrew gun
2. Use a pair of flat edged screwdrivers to lift out cocking mechanism (Bolt Action)
3. Open up the two sides of the gun, ans set the side with no components aside
4. Remove the Spring and plunger, in the orange cylender( can be different in other guns )
5. Unscrew the cylender (two small screws)
6. Remove the spring in the cylender
7. Look inside the cylender, you should see a black circular knob with 3 prongs, now use a pair of wire cutters to snap off the 3 prongs
8. The knob will fall out, not tip the cylender the other way, and the air restrictors will fall out
9. Now on the end of the spring, glue 1 inch in diameter and 1/2 inch thick circles from any nerf bullet/ foam, and super glue them to the the end of the circular spring (there is a black cap)
10. This will protect the spring casing, as the increased air flow wears out the parts faster)
11. Let dry, and place spring back into cylender, screw and secure together, and snap it back into the frame the holds the cylender casing, and the trigger mechanism.
12. Screw everything back togeather
13. When you fire the gun, the gun will make a loug twaing sound, this is normal, this means there is increased air flow from the spring to the dart support casing, resulting is more power and range. Be sure not to dry fire too much, it wears out the cylender spring casing.

Sorry these arn't my photos my camrea doesn't support the resolution the show what happens, but these pictures are quite detailed. Also it won't let me delete the redundent picutres, I will look into it!!!

The first picture shows the gun open

The second shows the spring and plunger cylender and casing mechanism

The thrid shows the bottom of the air restrictor in the cylender

The fourth shows that gun with and without the air restrctor

The fifth shows the padding on the spring, however optional it really helps in preventing wear and tear to your gun

The sixth shows the actual air restrictor


Step 4: Extras

Well theres the end of this guide, it took about 2 hours to do this, but I could have done it in 30 min. This is my first mod, and I hope this helped from all those hard to understand guides on the web right now. Also, in the near future I will spray paint my gun, add a berral extender, metal bipod, acog sight from mw2, make another double clip, and much much more. I will update this guide with added steps. Please subscribe to uberasianmaster, my user on this account and on youtube, or my xbox live account tonberrylol. Have fun!!!



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