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Step 1: Taking apart the falcon

Using the kenner 1979 falcon.
� There are 10 philips screws on the bottom of the
� You will need to gut everything inside with dremal
except the legs and a few screw risers save the 2
risers you do cut off they are good parts.
� Do not cut off the risers on each side of the front
legs they hold 2 screws. 2 by the cockpit,2 by the
very front and 2 by the back legs. Do not cut them
you will use 8 of the original screw risers.
� Make sure everything is grinded smooth.

<p>So cool</p>
<p>can this be done with x 360? or xbox (new)one is this for the old old xbox ?</p>
mother of god that is cool!
Instead of using an awesome Kenner Falcon, can a cheap Hasbro one work just as well?
&nbsp;I believe that any console that could fit would do. And it is not exactly free... if you keep in mind that some people don't have a Falcon, or a console, for that matter...
I have been selling this ebook on my website for the past 3 years. I am now giving it to you&nbsp; FREE !!! <br />
would an xbox 360 fit into this and how much does a malineum falcon like that cost and excuse me with the spelling for the falcon
the falcons dont cost much but i dont know about the 360
&nbsp;I'm also interested in it, but more photos are needed.
visit <a href="http://majorleaguemods.ning.com/" rel="nofollow">mlmod.com</a> for all pictures and a more detailed pdf.<br />
&nbsp;thanks a lot ;)
What if someone doesn't want to use composite video?&nbsp; Would be a shame to use XBMC&nbsp;exclusively through 480i (and composite at that).<br />
You could use a Triple A/V RCA Component In-Line Audio Video Coupler RED, GREEN, BLUE RCA Adapter Female to Female Barrel Jack Splice instead of composite.<br />
actually the falcons produced by i believe hasbro are all the same since 1979 to up till about 2000. then they make a brand new mold. so in respect for vintage toys you can use any year model of falcon. ive actually seen this done to a pc before but pretty cool idea.<br />
wooaw.I don't have x box but It's really amazing idea.<br />
LMAO!&nbsp; Like many posters, I'm torn between the destruction of a vintage toy (that I envied my brother for having)&nbsp;and the awesomeness of the end result.<br />
coool<br />
Good I like it.<br /> <br /> Blasphemy on using a vintage toy.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> I am so confused...<br /> <br />
I&nbsp;have to agree there. It's super awesome, but my heart broke a little when I&nbsp;read, &quot;1979 falcon&quot;. <br />
VERY cool mod, but more photos of details needed--like the cd/dvd tray cuts.....<br />
Awesome!&nbsp; I have a model Falcon, I wonder if I can use that?<br />
that thing still works?!
AWESOME! Love the fans!!
Very awesome casemod for the X-box.&nbsp; I daresay some collectors are going to freak out at the modification of apparently mint `79 Falcons. &nbsp;If they give you too much trouble just point at me and say &quot;Atleast I didn't use mine as a planter!&quot;.&nbsp; I'll be happy to take the hit to get them off your back.<br />

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