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Step 1: Taking apart the falcon

Picture of Taking apart the falcon
falcon 1979 003.jpg
falcon 1979 001.jpg
Using the kenner 1979 falcon.
� There are 10 philips screws on the bottom of the
� You will need to gut everything inside with dremal
except the legs and a few screw risers save the 2
risers you do cut off they are good parts.
� Do not cut off the risers on each side of the front
legs they hold 2 screws. 2 by the cockpit,2 by the
very front and 2 by the back legs. Do not cut them
you will use 8 of the original screw risers.
� Make sure everything is grinded smooth.

misy.morgan5 months ago

can this be done with x 360? or xbox (new)one is this for the old old xbox ?

mother of god that is cool!
jhartel2 years ago
Instead of using an awesome Kenner Falcon, can a cheap Hasbro one work just as well?
iProton5 years ago
 I believe that any console that could fit would do. And it is not exactly free... if you keep in mind that some people don't have a Falcon, or a console, for that matter...
Major League Mods (author)  iProton5 years ago
I have been selling this ebook on my website for the past 3 years. I am now giving it to you  FREE !!!
would an xbox 360 fit into this and how much does a malineum falcon like that cost and excuse me with the spelling for the falcon
the falcons dont cost much but i dont know about the 360
carmeb5 years ago
 I'm also interested in it, but more photos are needed.
Major League Mods (author)  carmeb5 years ago
visit mlmod.com for all pictures and a more detailed pdf.
 thanks a lot ;)
DanAdamKOF5 years ago
What if someone doesn't want to use composite video?  Would be a shame to use XBMC exclusively through 480i (and composite at that).
Major League Mods (author)  DanAdamKOF5 years ago
You could use a Triple A/V RCA Component In-Line Audio Video Coupler RED, GREEN, BLUE RCA Adapter Female to Female Barrel Jack Splice instead of composite.
slimguy3795 years ago
actually the falcons produced by i believe hasbro are all the same since 1979 to up till about 2000. then they make a brand new mold. so in respect for vintage toys you can use any year model of falcon. ive actually seen this done to a pc before but pretty cool idea.
ilkut5 years ago
wooaw.I don't have x box but It's really amazing idea.
Javin0075 years ago
LMAO!  Like many posters, I'm torn between the destruction of a vintage toy (that I envied my brother for having) and the awesomeness of the end result.
sturific5 years ago
Good I like it.

Blasphemy on using a vintage toy. 

I am so confused...

I have to agree there. It's super awesome, but my heart broke a little when I read, "1979 falcon".
tokalosh5 years ago
VERY cool mod, but more photos of details needed--like the cd/dvd tray cuts.....
JeyNyce5 years ago
Awesome!  I have a model Falcon, I wonder if I can use that?
Rue_Ryuzaki5 years ago
that thing still works?!
chaosrob5 years ago
AWESOME! Love the fans!!
mycroftxxx5 years ago
Very awesome casemod for the X-box.  I daresay some collectors are going to freak out at the modification of apparently mint `79 Falcons.  If they give you too much trouble just point at me and say "Atleast I didn't use mine as a planter!".  I'll be happy to take the hit to get them off your back.
brunester5 years ago