In this instructable I will teach you to mod your stampede to be lighter, shoot faster, and be more efficient.

I got the idea for this instructable from seleziona's golden eclipse mod.


Step 1: Materials .

The materials you will need for this Mod are:

1 stampede NERF gun
2 4 AA battery holders
8 AA batteries
2 Alligator clips
some wire

small Phillips screwdriver
Soldering Iron
It is very very rare for a company to push more than 3/4 capacity out of stock motors. Ithink you may be confusing the minimum and maximum voltages. These are 6volt minimum motors, but can easily handle up to 12 without issue. More than that, you will burn morors out much quicker.
<p>you know the motor is only rated at 6v if I remember the last replacement, why do you use so many batteries.</p><p>also looking at doing some thing similar but will be 3d printing a custom battery tray to suit a particular type of rc battery using dean plugs for looking clean</p>
Please stop spreading misinformation, the stampede runs 6 &quot;D&quot; batteries stock, which is 9 volts, it can handle quite a bit more voltage than that. Many people have been running 12-16 volts in it for years with no ill effects.
<p>sorry are you on drugs? im talking about the stock 6v motor not the number of batteries in it.</p><p>yes you can use higher voltage and it may last fine but it may also fry the motor which happens alot.</p><p>if you upgrade the batteries then a smart person would also upgrade the motor.</p><p>still not sure what you are trying to tell me that i dont already know???</p>
<p>DarrenF4: if you have seen any YouTube videos on modding Stampedes, the higher rate-of-fire speaks for itself. I aim someday to boost my own Stampedes to around 16V, in addition to installing stronger springs for greater range.</p>
yeah but with the stock motor you will just keep frying it. as most of the modders keep mentioning.<br>
<p>So one buys stronger motors and learns to install them... :-)</p>
How many batteries should I use?
to the equivalent of 6v so four batteries. a lot of people complain of frying the motor.<br><br>iv done my 3d print of battery holder and using a small rc battery pack (cant remember rating right now) its working a treat and so much easier to deal with for recharging. a lot lighter to for the kids

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