In this instructable I will teach you to mod your stampede to be lighter, shoot faster, and be more efficient.

I got the idea for this instructable from seleziona's golden eclipse mod.


Step 1: Materials .

The materials you will need for this Mod are:

1 stampede NERF gun
2 4 AA battery holders
8 AA batteries
2 Alligator clips
some wire

small Phillips screwdriver
Soldering Iron
<p>you know the motor is only rated at 6v if I remember the last replacement, why do you use so many batteries.</p><p>also looking at doing some thing similar but will be 3d printing a custom battery tray to suit a particular type of rc battery using dean plugs for looking clean</p>
<p>DarrenF4: if you have seen any YouTube videos on modding Stampedes, the higher rate-of-fire speaks for itself. I aim someday to boost my own Stampedes to around 16V, in addition to installing stronger springs for greater range.</p>
yeah but with the stock motor you will just keep frying it. as most of the modders keep mentioning.<br>
<p>So one buys stronger motors and learns to install them... :-)</p>
How many batteries should I use?
to the equivalent of 6v so four batteries. a lot of people complain of frying the motor.<br><br>iv done my 3d print of battery holder and using a small rc battery pack (cant remember rating right now) its working a treat and so much easier to deal with for recharging. a lot lighter to for the kids

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