I’ve got this Sennheiser HD201 about 3 yrs + ago, and I really love the sound of it. And I have produced all of my tracks with this headphone. You can read about its specs here .

But after few years, signs of wear and tear occurred. First was the leathered cushion started to peal off, follow by the 3 meter long cable starting to crack. 

Previously, I have shortened the cable since the cracked wires are somewhere near the headphone cups, so I just opened up the headphone and shortened the wires. I have done this for the past 2 times, and this time I decided to totally replace a brand new cable.

Step 1: Explainations

In this tutorial I’m going to show u how to replace a 2 sided cable headphone to 1 sided cable headphone.

You will need:
- soldering gun
- solder
- a new 3.5mm audio jack either male to male or male to female, we will be using only 1 side of the male audio jack
- a mp3 player for testing
- pvc tape/wire tape
- lighter
- heat shrink
- screw driver
- pen knife

You will need some basic soldering skill.
* do take extra care when using solder gun, and also pen knife. SAFETY COMES FIRST!

Check out the pictures for some explanation of how headphone wiring works.

Here’s the plan:
We would need to get the right channel of wire across the headband to the left side of the headphone cup, and fix a brand new audio jack cable from the left headphone cup.

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