So heres the deal. Your out with your friends having a friendly and safe airsoft battle. You have a spring powered pistol (a crossman P30 in this case) and you quickly use up all 15 rounds. You forgot to bring extra BB's with you so now your body is going to be used for target practice. Unless of course you use this instructable to modify your magazine so that you can hold more than 80 BB's. If that sounds good to you then read on.

Quick details:

Cost- free if you have all the tools and the gun

Items needed- Crossman P30 (or gun with similar clip) airsoft gun

-Small Phillips and flat head screwdrivers
-Small abrasive files (an emery board might work too)
-(optional) Dremel Tool with 6mm BB sized tip (this will really speed up the process not to mention make it much better looking)

Step 1: Remove and Disassemble the Magazine

First you want to remove the magazine from your gun by pushing the button located near your thumb on the gun. After you have removed that, get a screwdriver and remove the screw on the bottom of the magazine. This will cause the bottom piece to come off and the spring to pop out, make sure you don't loose any of the parts. Next remove the two screws on the side of the magazine and pry the magazine open gently with a flat head screwdriver. You will see a large heavy lead weight that gives the magazine its heft, if you don't worry about the magazine weighing a couple ounces less then proceed to remove it. If you like your magazine to be very heavy then stop now and put it all back together, this is not for you. This open area is where the extra 65 BB's will be held. You are now done with the first step. Go on to modifying the magazine.

Step 2: Modify the Magazine

So now that its open its time to modify the magazine. Look at the pictures to get a better visual of what to do. First you want to extend the notch on the left of the slot so that the tab and spring can move further down than normal to expose an opening that the BB's will flow through. I used side cutters and a file to make the notch about an 1/8th longer. Now put the halves back together with the spring and tab back in place. Once you have done that pull the tab down as far as it goes now and make with a sharpie where you see the top of the little plastic piece that pushes the BB's up. Open the two halves again and using a file or Dremel (lots easier) make a hole above the marked line, a little bigger than the BB so it can fit through it easily. That's it! Put everything back together and look at the video in the introduction to see just how it works. I'm sure theres more you can do to modify and make better my loading feature such as a tap on the bottom of the magazine, but I'll leave that one for you to figure out. Hope you win all your neighborhood battles now. Be sure to always use eye protection when playing airsoft.
Also you can remove the weight in the back of the handle and store bb's there
this is great! i never though of this. my friends have a bunch of these guns. i will do this mod ASAP!
i like crosman to Landon Sullivan its like the best brand ever!!<br>nice photo by the way the cat is really cute
*facepalm*<br><br>Nice necro-post. Crosman sucks. I have seen the light.
It is not a clip!it is a magizine.there is a difference!other wise good idea.
im not entirely sure wuts the difference
If I remember correctly magazines are what handguns use, clips are what rifles use.
clips are reallu known as striper clips and you insert them through the action where the empty cartridge comes out after you open the action and then you put the stripper clip in and iloads the gun when you are out of ammunition the stripper clip flys out of the gun but guns with stipper clips are rare but here are a few Kar 98, M1 Garand, Styer M1911 and some M14A1
umm, what video?
the video that was right there how the heck did you miss it well with the name trumpkin i guess you could
The one in the introduction
great idea, I think I will try this on one of my guns spare clip.
i tried it and it works great its an awesome idea
My little brother's gun has a clip that is made that way.
thanks for that it works great
actually it's called a magazine, not a clip
I have that same gun I got it at big 5
A clip is something that is internal. A magazine is one that is visible on the outside for instance a M4 Hi-Cap Magazine.
Actually it can be called either.
only if it's an actual CLIP for a revolver or a bolt action rifle
for airsoft the closest thing to a clip is a speedloader and magazines are the same
Well, your name is Mr. Bean. So I have a question. Have you seen Mr. Bean's Holiday?
Funny movie what a dumb guy sticks his finger in a ciggeret lighter
does that have <em>any</em> relevance?<br/>
why yes. nah.
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haha yes i have sorry for the insanely long response time pretty decent movie imo
S'ok, AWESOME movie.
Its called the cylinder
That is a beastly mod but I got a nice mod slide show for an airsoft AEG, check it out<br />
&nbsp;I Don't Get How It Works. So Even If You Can Hold Extra BBs In The Magazine, It Doesn't Load Itself. Do You Have To Pull It Down Everytime And Shake The Heck Outta It For It To Put BBs In The Clip? I Like The Idea But Not Sure Exactly How It Works I Guess..
I like this, turning a standard mag into a hi-cap. Too bad this doesn't work for Co2 sidearms.<br />
So, if you run out of ammo in the original chamber, the ammo in the new chamber will go in and replace it? Then there are a LOT&nbsp;of problems.<br /> <br /> 1: You will have to shake the gun every time you want to make the BB's in spare chamber to go into the straight original notch. <br /> <br /> 2: You will have to make the little plunger thing go down everytime you want to reload it, hence taking the clip out. It is much easier to replace clips.<br /> <br /> <br />
Hmmm... Looking at it again, it would be more useful putting in another spring in the new chamber.<br />
i like this but i have one question will this work with a sig sauer p226<br />
im new at this web site<br />
I have a question, can you re-use Airsoft Clips/Magazines?
Cool, thanks.
no prob. also, i forgot to mention, if you have a CO2 gun, then you have to replace the CO2 which is kinda like a non reuseable part of the mag, but for springers and augs, you can.
A.E.G's **
sorry about that. sometimes my brain misfires. it told the wrong finger to press the button.
I don't under stand this. Why not just get some more mags?
you'd have to reload it. with this it can go for longer without switching them out. also, mags cost moneys. if you don't have any, you can just modify it.
heres your answer
Oh... so clips are like those things that they had in that one WWII movie. You know, the one with the hillbilly that becomes religious, tries to not go to war, still does, captures a bunch of Germans and is a hero. And there was a shooting contest to win a cow. I don't know what it was called... BTW, this mod is useful and semi-easily do-able. Good job!
oh thank god u found that

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