Introduction: How to Modify the Nerf Recon

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This instructable is on how to mod a recon. If you don't want to risk breaking your gun, don't do it. 
drill(with very long bit)
  Philips screwdriver(I'm not sure but i think i used a #2)
That's all.

Jumping cat

Step 1:

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First lets start bay unscrewing all the screws in the gun. Also remember to get the two screws on the back.  Reminder: If your gun is not coming apart you are probably forgetting a screw.  If you know all the screws are out just rip them off. If some parts fly out that is okay.  also I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BREAK ANY THING. I am sorry if it breaks.

Step 2:

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now you can go and take everything out.

Step 3:

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Now that you have the piece take the spring, catch(rectangular thing), and the other orange thing.

Step 4:

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if Now take a drill. Then get a really long drill bit, and just drill through that bad boy!

Step 5:

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now put it back like this.

Step 6:

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Now to increase the power a little bit just get the spring and stretch it out a bit. But not to much.

Step 7:

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now if you are having problems with the spring, just let it hang there. then pit the other shell back on when it is on push the spring in and screw in all of the screws.

Comments (author)2013-07-03

what happens when you mod it?

jacob121 (author)2012-10-04

i did that and the back smash to bits

Echosi (author)2011-07-20

Stretching a spring will give you a temporary power boost, but it will kill your spring over time. It's better to do a spring replacement or a power stock.

darknessfalls (author)Echosi2011-07-20

exactly what i was about to say...

jumpingcat (author)2011-07-20

at the time i did not have a spring and its hard to find one that fits

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