This modified device was part of a project for my art class. We would have to pick a device and modify it with a new function. I chose a Gameboy Advance and modified with a Dance Dance Revolution pad. I chose the game Pacman because it would be more suitable gameplay for using the DDR directional pads.

The process consisted of a modified Gameboy Advance and a modified DDR Pad.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials needed:
Gameboy Advance
DDR Pad (I bought one @ Gamestop for $15)
Soldering iron
Small screw driver
Alluminum foil
Electrical tape
Small stranded wires
Alligator clips
they have a ddr for the gameboy fyi... pretty good but i played on emulator and
hey, i have the same screwdriver
Your Step 2 link is broken.<br><br>Do you have those steps saved somewhere???<br><br>Thanks!!!!! I'm very curious to try this!
&nbsp;couldn't&nbsp;you just use the ddr on ps2 and play namco&nbsp;museum?
interesting.....but may be hard to control.......
That really looks uncomfortable playing bent over like that.
easy solution..... lengthen cord.
great work took me a few hours to do that project now im working on how to make a nintendo ds play plastion 1 games which will take awhile well in my spare time i usually go to nintendo world in nyc which i love to go to well anyways great work keep it up :D
Awesome, I wonder if you can mod i to anything else1
This would be cooler if you made the d-pad still operable, and DDR could just plug in somewhere, but great instructable
Video looks like a drunk guy trying to stomp roaches !
This is really good. Nice job!
PERFECT! Love DDR+Galaga. lol,
I love your're instructables! Great Job Jason, its better then my project...5 steps... :/ I can't find my pictures since I reformatted and upgraded to Leopard...I knew I forgot to back up something. Man your're such a Super*Star! LOL, well almost...since your're featured in all :p haha. See you next semester!
thats pretty neat man, id like to see something like that for the psp or even a way to use it on the pc. anys nice job
to wire it to the pc, you gotta get a usb adapter, or buy a pc pad for about $5. To wire it to a psp is pretty much like how he did it to the gba, only to the psp board.
That's incredible!<br/><br/>Really awesome job!<br/><br/>Just a tip, use the macro and (if appropriate) flash functions on your camera, the pics will come out <strong>much</strong> nicer =)<br/>
thats amazing! if i can... and if im smart enough i might do this! awesome! (favorited)
Not bad! Rather than using the foil, though, couldn't you have preserved the existing connections, perhaps tapping them from the PCB on the DDR mat before the encoder, and breaking those out into a connection to the GBA? That way your DDR mat would still be usable on consoles, and it wouldn't have to be opened up (except for the gamestop case).

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