Picture of How to moonwalk:
The moonwalk is a breakdancing move, that became very popular after Michael Jackson performed it in 1983 in a TV show.
A moonwalk is when you walk one way but you move the other way. It looks like a secret force pulls you back.
The backwards ( back slide ) moonwalk is the most popular and the easiest moonwalk variation.
Michael Jackson was not the first person to do this technique. Before him, James Brown popularized it and the moonwalk was also seen in France in the early fifties. ( known as pantomimic walking exercise ).


Technical description: Moonwalk

  • Start the moonwalk with both legs together.
  • Lift the left heel and stand on the ball of your foot. ( all the weight is on the left leg )
  • Slide back the right foot on the whole foot sole.
  • Then stop the right foot and lift its heel, while you start sliding back the left foot.
  • Keep going.

Trainer advice: Moonwalk

  • With sock it is easier to learn the moonwalk, becasue sticky shoes make it more difficult to slide back one foot smoothly.
  • Try the moonwalk without any arm movements at the beginning.

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