video How to mount a BIG 36" unicycle!
52 year old shows different ways to MOUNT a HUGE 36" unicycle. Regular and Slo-mo
kanapasaki6 years ago
could you post a video on how to free mount a giraffe unicycle I got one about a week ago and am really good at riding but can't mount without a pole
makes my 29" inch one look small...
pocketwatch6 years ago
@cyber meat: I am still shopping for a uni but the wheels correspond to inseam, and for my 33" inseam I am supposed to use a 24" wheel... Since the standard size I have seen most commonly is 20" (I think they are child size?) so that would probably not be comfortable for you.
danasmana6 years ago
I've always wanted to try a 36" but the last chance I had my legs were to short. I MUST TRY AGAIN! but I think ill be too scared to just kinda jump like you do
cyber_meat7 years ago
i see all of these videos that you make about unicycling and i want to try it. i am 6'8" and i was wondering would i need a special unicycle or can i just get a normal one and adjust the seat. finally where would i get one none of the bike shops around carry them?
theRIAA7 years ago
good job on making a video that teaches something, seems like that unicycle travels pretty fast? could you commute on it?
unigeezer (author)  theRIAA7 years ago
Of course. Commuting and long distance riding is what they're made for. A group of us routinely do 25-50 mile rides on the weekends. It's awesome. I've hit 18 mph on mine, passing most bikes and hardcore inline skaters like they're standing still! But we usually cruise at around 10-12 mph.