Step 2: Modify the Tees to Fit Your Mounting Location

As you can see by the way I mounted these brackets, the side leg of the Tee needed to wrap around the handlebars for a more secure fit. I used a bandsaw to make roughly a 30 degree cut. I started nearly flush with the edge of the pipe and cut to about the midway point of the side leg.

I wanted the side leg of the Tee to rest completely and tightly around the handlebars. The bars were slightly larger than 1/2" so the tee didn't really fit tightly. One at a time I used a heat gun (or hair dryer) to heat the cut side leg until soft, then pressed it onto my handlebars. Hold it until it cools and hardens or spray a little water on it to cool. This made a tight custom fit. You can see in the photo that the side leg has been spread a little from its original size.
Ohh, I get it now. Brilliant!
Thanks for posting this, it's working great for me.&nbsp; I rested the lock barrel on the stem and lashed that down with a mini bungee, practically no movement.&nbsp; I'll update when the bungee fails and pops me in the mouth.&nbsp; So far it's circles around the backpack i was using to haul the lock around.<br />
BRILLIANT !! <br>Thanks for posting!! <br>ive been trying to figure out a decent way for SO long and I believe you may have something here --<br>what do you think about dropped handle bars?<br>ive got dropped road bike handle bars -- <br>I assume itd work the same, just concerned about the weight issue
Thanks!<br><br>Where the lock mounts near the stem, all handlebars are pretty much the same. They all form a &quot;T&quot; which is critical to this setup working. I don't see why this wouldn't work with dropped bars.
2.5 years later and this is still working like a champ. So far the same cable ties are holding it all together. I did switch over to the &quot;other mounting option&quot; as that seemed to work best on my bike. <br><br>Thanks for all the comments.
Great concept! My bike's frame is non-standard (tubes are bulky, angles are elongated for the comfort bike formation, and there are curves) and carrying my darn Kryptonite lock around is my biggest headache. I think a variant of your solution might work for me. Very clever idea.
I hope that's one of the newer Kryptonite bike locks, or else it is very much the "low hanging fruit" as it can be opened trivially in moments. Have a look on YouTube (or probably on here too) for "bic pen bike lock opening".
Thanks soapy, yes it is a new style with a flat key. The key mechanism is in the center of the barrel, not the end. If you look at the main pic above, you can see a black piece extending downward which is the key mechanism & hole.
Come to think of it, the fact that this lock has the center of barrel key hole made mounting quite a challenge. If the key hole was at the end, I could have just used a piece of pvc pipe big enough to slip the barrel into & drilled 2 holes for the U legs to fit into & engage the barrel. I've seen it done elsewhere & maybe here.
This is great! I too have a nice lock with a crappy attachment! The stem of my handle bars isn't as long as yours, but perhaps the second mounting option would work well. Oh, and I love the "if you don't know what quick ties are" comment.

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